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Aug 1, 2018

Brick Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Bricks bring an urban edge to the home. A material typically used outside, brick flooring helps to create a connected space between the exterior and interior of a residence. Here we showcase our favourite ideas for using brick flooring at home.

Industrial Designs:

The industrial chic design scheme is all the rage at present. Brickwork adds a natural, industrial and contemporary ambience to any home. It can appear rough or sleek, depending on the application and style of bricks chosen. What makes this stand out from other flooring options is that it adds charm better than conventional floors such as tiles or carpets.

Embrace the industrial chic trend by incorporating brickwork flooring into your favourite space – from the living room to the kitchen, bricks will add a real sense of unrefined elegance to your home. A simple herringbone pattern in the kitchen (see image below) adds charm, colour and interest to this sleek space against a backdrop of white.

Indoor-outdoor living

Create symmetry between your indoor and outdoor living spaces with gorgeous brickwork – linking your spaces for maximum functionality and style. Traditionally used as paving for exterior spaces, bricks can work wonderfully to add a natural, outdoor vibe to your interior spaces. It is often the perfect transitional element between an outdoor deck or patio and an interior kitchen or living room. If your interior opens up to the outside, then brickwork may be the ideal solution to connect your various entertainment areas.

Covered patio areas

Bricks offer a timeless beauty to the home. Great for outdoor use, brick flooring is a perfect solution that brings durability and appeals to any patio, deck or garden area. It is durable, easy to maintain and with so many different layout options available to us, you can create a customised look in a pattern and shade of bricks to suit your home.

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