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Create a Personal Oasis with an Outdoor Shower

Create a haven at home with your own personal oasis and a zen-like outdoor shower for the ultimate indulgence. Imagine the sounds of flowing water, where natural stone and fresh air meet to create a customised private retreat, complete with a shower for cleansing body and mind!

We see it in spa retreats and inspiring holiday accommodation around the globe, but you can now also create your own place of tranquility at home with a private outdoor shower.

Perfect for those warmer days, but also the ideal spot to fully embrace nature and enjoy a cleanse outdoors in a refreshing and inspiring setting that is all yours! A personal outdoor shower really is the essence of luxurious living.


Some people get their best ideas while in the shower. It must have something to do with the natural sounds and smells of nature, offering a therapeutic environment that may inspire you to greater heights.

For an inspiration space, you may want to consider the following in the creation of your outdoor space:

  1. Keep it natural with natural finishes and colours.
  2. Think pebbles or stone-look tiles for a durable outdoor finish.
  3. Get the look with a striking waterfall shower for the ultimate in therapeutic showers.
  4. Add plants to a refreshing nature-inspired space and embrace the beauty of nature in your space.
  5. Keep the privacy with a fenced in area, trellis or wooden barricade that ensures complete solace and tranquillity.
  6. Choose finishes that ooze luxury living – quality tapware that is also hard-wearing and will withstand the outdoor elements.


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