Casarredo Introduces Valcucine – Leaders in Kitchen Design

Johannesburg’s largest Italian luxury furniture importer, Casarredo, have joined forces with Valcucine to offer the ultimate in kitchen design and turnkey solutions. Valcucine are leaders in kitchen design, state of the art technology and ergonomics.


The Artematica Collection:

Intuition has led to the use of “pure” (not bonded) materials on the aluminium structure of the Artematica doors, a move which opened up endless ideas and combinations. Artematica has been designed down to the last detail to make movements more fluid and more assured. Through the use of soft closure doors and highest safety standards thanks to rounded corners and edges. Artematica uses refined glass available in various colours, wood that conveys strong tactile sensations, lacquered surfaces and metal laminates.

Genius Lock

Genius Loci:

Just like old desks Genius Loci conceals a secret, intimate, space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional. Genius Loci is the heart of customisation and available in various finishes. It offers a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of those who purchase it. The result is sophisticated and refined.

  • the drawer is inspired by antique desks
  • textured surfaces enhance tactile experiences
  • rounded door and worktop edges allow for more safety and cleaning ease


The designers have worked on extreme door dematerialisation to meet requirements in terms of functionality and silhouette. Riciclantica stands for “lightness and resilience”: the lightest door in the world fits into an aluminium structure that is water-, steam- and heat-resistant.

This makes it possible to plan kitchen layouts with wall-hung units, allowing for the utmost freedom of arrangement and movement and creating a durable and cutting-edge design.
Due to the remarkable reduction of materials used, combined with the eco-tech finishes, this kitchen is sustainable yet innovative, designed for those who pay a great deal of attention to their well-being and to living in harmony with nature.

The Genius Loci offers expertly handcrafted bespoke detailing at every point of its design. The antique-desk-inspired drawer design is available in two styles: slanted or aligned flush with the doors below. Featured: the Genius Loci kitchen Designer: #gabrielecentazzo
The spirit of the Genius Loci kitchen is captured in its fine, bespoke detailing at every point of its design. Customise your Genius Loci drawer fronts with a selection of decorative hand-carved wood, distressed metals or marble inserts. Featured: the Genius Loci kitchen Designer: #gabrielecentazzo

Special Features: V-Motion

The kitchen comes to life thanks to the simple gesture of a hand that opens the door, turns the tap around and the lights of the back panel on, creating ever-changing scenarios: ranging from the splendours of nature expressed through red-fire, yellow-earth, green-water and blue-air hues, various degrees of white light that can change from warm to cold, right down to the circadian cycle that automatically recreates the changes that naturally occur in sunlight throughout the day.

In the morning the light sports sky-blue hues help to you wake up. At lunchtime it becomes white but then changes to warmer tones to the extent of simulating the colours of the sunset to prepare the body for sleep in the evening. In a surprisingly realistic way the background light tunes into and simulates natural light, well aware of how it influences the metabolism and the psychological and physical wellbeing of those who benefit from it. A real blessing for the body.

The new Logica system’s backlit panels gently illuminate everyday kitchen tools and small appliances for enhanced visibility during every food preparation experience. Featured: the Valcucine Artematica kitchen. Designer: #gabrielecentazzo
Following three years of research Valcucine has developed Vitrum Arte, a technique to reproduce designs by inlaying them in glass. A highly technological process, yet with roots in handcraft tradition, it allows us to personalise every single kitchen with a bespoke artwork.
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