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6 Ways To Add Style To Your Kitchen Splashbacks

Beautify your kitchen with a distinct backsplash to add style and elegance to this communal area of the home. Take a mundane space and transform it into something extraordinary with one of these unconventional yet eye-catching backsplash options for the ultimate kitchen experience!

Bold in Black

A simple chalkboard backsplash makes for easy updating in the kitchen. Simply purchase some chalkboard paint from your local hardware store and do it yourself. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and apply a few coats of paint for a durable surface. Let it dry completely before creating your own chalk masterpiece backsplash or let the kids unleash their own creativity and craft a unique feature in the kitchen. Not happy with the end result, simply white it all off and begin again!

Chalkboard Kitchen

Colour Blocking

Bring instant colour to the kitchen with a beautiful tile installation in bright shades of your choice. Perfect as a complementary shade in the kitchen, a colourful backsplash can bring a dose of energy to any space! Pair with beautifully modern white cabinetry for a chic, sophisticated look!


We are loving the trend of gorgeous geometrics in the kitchen. Keep things understated and neutral with a geometric tile in black and white for a clean, minimalist and modern feel in the kitchen! See the below images for some minimalist geometric backsplash inspiration.


Mosaics are stylish and perfect for any backsplash. Choose a complementary colour to suit your kitchen and splash out in beautifully contemporary mosaics for a quality finish. Check out these stunning black mosaics as a full feature wall in the kitchen!

Black Mosaics

Patterned Tiles

Don’t settle for cookie cutter square or rectangle tiles in the kitchen. Check out all the playful options now on the market in various shapes and patterns for added definition. From fun geometric patterns to hexagon shapes and more, choose something contemporary to suit your space.

Geometric Splashbacks

Metallic Love

Add shimmer to your kitchen with a beautiful installation of metallic tiles as a backsplash in the kitchen. This is an easy way to add a totally luxurious feel to the kitchen with a wonderfully reflective and modern ambience to the room.

shiny silver subway

Shopping Guide for Mosaics

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