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Fashion Apr 4, 2021

WREN: Stepping Into Fashion With Paper

Challenging perceptions and pushing limits of the chosen material: paper, WREN has collaborated with Luke Radloff of UNI FORM who developed some once-off concept fashion pieces using this bespoke paper.

Tinfoil‘ Jacket made with Wren Silver Butter Paper.

The Wren X UNI FORM collaboration focuses on the experimental use of paper as a vehicle to further the conversation of Sustainability. By combining Wren’s responsibly sourced and specially engineered paper, with the contemporary aesthetic of UNI FORM’s luxury ready-to-wear collection, a new, conceptual idea of apparel emerges. These experimental pieces becoming more art than product and fueling the greater contribution to a sustainable future.

‘Laboratory Coat’ made with Wren White Paper.

This season, UNI FORM has taken their time to bring you something carefully considered but also heavily influenced by a changing world.

The campaign, entitled ‘Voices’, is a direct reaction to events of the past year and a continuation of their core brand principle of collaborating with and amplifying as many local voices as possible, particularly those that had previously been silenced. They are dedicated to the active inclusivity of diverse perspectives and recognize that this is an ongoing effort. They say ‘effort’ because these actions of inclusivity must be deliberate and mindful.

The White Paper Travel Bag

The campaign features the visual and literal voices of incredible collaborators, who were all invested in the outcome collectively.

The collection comprises of an oversized jacket and matching skirt made with Wren’s metallic paper which speaks to the somewhat futuristic ideas the collaboration explores. A fully lined and tailored ‘Lab Coat’ is also included which is made up of Wren’s incredibly durable, fabric- like, white paper, giving the project a grounding in wearability and pushing the current boundaries of sustainable clothing. Also included are complimentary accessories.


This collaboration and the pieces which have emerged, serve as ‘collectable’ items or ‘one- off’s’ that seek more validation in a gallery space or museum for further inspection and discussions regarding the future of sustainable materials.

The project is a direct result of Wren and UNI FORM’s continued investment in the conversation of sustainability and their desire to actively participate in it’s advancement, particularly in Africa.

For more visit WREN.

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