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Robin Sprong Wallpaper: The Greenery Trend is Here to Stay

There are so many physical and psychological benefits to using greenery in your living spaces, that it would be senseless to overlook this designer trend. As a colour green is associated with the soothing qualities of nature and the environment. If you’re not too keen on physical plants, you can still bring greenery into your space through other means. With fabric prints, furniture designs and modern wallpaper installations, greenery is very much on trend and continues to leave its mark on the world of interior design.

Robin Sprong Wallpaper is a Surface Design company that specializes is creating incredible imagery for interiors. Here you will also find the greenery trend making it bold impression in the world of wallpaper. Through Robin Sprong Wallpaper, you can also access the works of quality designers and artists, such as the stunning botanical wallpaper prints by Franco Moz. Franco Moz is the Nom de Plume of Cape Town based designer and artist Francois Mostert. After studying Industrial Design at the Technicon of Witwatersrand, Francois moved to Cape Town where he worked as one of the foremost comic book colourists in South Africa. His designs still follow a delicate balance between reality and imagination. The inspirational Banana and Palm Leaf design ranges were inspired by the large botanical leaves of the tropical coastlines of Mexico and the Natal coast, interwoven with colourful birds and bright flowers. The intention of the designs is to create a feeling of being inside a forest, but with the practicality of a repeatable wallpaper design able to cover large wall areas. These designs have garnered acclaim around the globe, featuring in several publications and at various interior design fairs from Decorex in South Africa to exhibitions in Germany and Spain.

Now you can get your hands on these acclaimed designer prints and visit www.robinsprong.com for more.

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