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U & G Fabrics: The Kobe Fabric Collection

Rich, plush textures, intricate patterns and soft luxurious finishes are what you can expect from the exquisite and international Kobe Fabric Collection. In South Africa, U&G Fabrics represents Kobe, an authentic Dutch interior fashion brand. Here quality and style merge in the creation of beautiful and timeless fabrics for every area of the home.

Creative passion is the driving force of the design team behind the Kobe fabric collection; their most important sources of inspiration are the latest fashion and interior design trends, which are combined with traditional themes to create a brand with a unique personality and contemporary character. Kobe is immensely popular across the world for its upholstery and curtain fabrics. Their ultimate goal is to continue producing high-quality innovative products to inspire audiences worldwide. Their ranges are perfectly suited to both the domestic and contract markets.


Bring added style to your home with Kobe and the wide variety of curtain and upholstery fabric now available locally through U&G Fabrics. We particularly love the simple and neutral tones of Galbert (featured above). The intricate patterns and shades of white are perfect for a contemporary, clean and fresh setting in the home. In fact, we love the traditional themes with contemporary character.


The lush deep tones of Mystic (above) are just as exquisite and unique for added depth and warmth to any interior. The vibrant shade will create intrigue as a luxurious curtain fabric to adorn your windows.

Gallium 4 Incoloy

In terms of upholstery, you can rest assured that U&G Fabrics have you covered with a variety of quality options to suit your needs. Ths Gallium 4 Incoloy (above) from Kobe Fabrics is one such superior upholstery option to transform and breathe life into your precious furniture items.

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