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Stuart Graham

A perennial favourite, floral fabrics are blooming in interiors. From bright, bold blooms to painterly designs reminiscent of the English countryside, these designs have the power to instantly breathe new life into a room.

Made from sustainably sourced cotton, Stuart Graham’s Meadow collection is the perfect choice when it comes to on-trend floral fabrics.

Here, the fabric house explains how to style these fabrics in your home for a fresh take on florals.

Layer it up

“Evoke the wild nature of the outdoors by adding embroidered textures in pastel colourways for an anchored theme. Don’t be afraid to experiment with floral prints and embroidered textures to create layers and immerse yourself into sunny fields. Pairing textures with muted tones can introduce a delicate balance in any room, perfect for unwinding.”

Keep nature in mind

“Imitate the feel of natural elements by playing with sustainable textures and fabrics. To further reflect nature, incorporating organic materials is both a stylish and eco-friendly option. Part of our PT Eco range, the Meadow collection can help you achieve this look featuring sustainably sourced cotton and recycled polyester.”

Create a cohesive cocoon

“Add an inviting touch to any space by refreshing your space with powdery tones such as pastel blues and warm jute shades. Earthy tones can warm up a space and these shades can be added through drapery or upholstery to help tie a room together. Muted colourways are grounding and are perfect for intimate seating areas such as a living room or dining area.”

Make it last

“A trend that keeps coming back, dainty botanical prints and neutral tones are here to stay. Calming tones are suitable year-round and are a great way to instantly refresh your space. Keep adding to the theme by upholstering furniture or adding scatter cushions with leafy prints in shades such as greens, blues, and beige. Introduce embroidery for a lasting finish.”

Combine modern and traditional elements

“Embrace a modern element to traditional prints to update your interior. Use floral prints in modern hues to reinvent the whimsical theme. Soft tones can evoke the relaxing quality of nature whilst keeping a rustic feel. The Verbena print from the Meadow collection features a painterly floral motif in a series of understated colourways for a more contemporary feel.”

Contact: Stuart Graham

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