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Stuart Graham: Nostalgic Mid-Tones: How to Achieve The New Neutral

The desire to reconnect with nature and invest in long-lasting décor is becoming more prevalent, making neutral schemes inspired by natural materials and forms an increasingly popular trend.

A truly cohesive neutral scheme requires careful consideration. Here’s a list of top tips for creating a timeless neutral home.

Inspired by warm earthy tones, organic materials and stripped back decor, we’re seeing a shift in texture and tone when it comes to a neutral scheme.

Introducing Craft, the new collection that evokes a calming home environment and takes inspiration from natural textures through embroideries, weaves, jacquards, and sheers. Embracing soft hues of warm neutrals, fresh greens, and cool silvers, the collection is perfect to create a seemingly effortless, balanced interior.


Tone on Tone

Our homes have transformed into a safe space – a sanctuary to retreat to after the working day – and the new neutral trend moves away from clinical whites and cool great and warms up our spaces with earthy, cocooning shades to make the home an inviting, cos space.

Restful neutral shades, such as pampas, almond and jute, grant a sense of cosiness and are anything but boring when paired with different intensities and shades. Choose a pale foundation and layer deeper tones to add depth for a balanced look. Enrich the space further by exploring the earthy colour spectrum and pair burnt copper hues, warm ambers, and even black accents for a dynamic and intriguing space. Why not utilise the light to create shadows with furniture and glass accessories for the ultimate cosy feel?

Create excitement and character with flashes of colour and contrasting hues. Subtle hints of green compliment beachy shades and create a fresh, airy feel, blurring the boundary between the inside and out with a sense of calm. Hues of pale pink add a delicate touch and grey tones contrast against the warmth and provide a cool edge.

Tactile Touches

When creating a neutral scheme, texture is essential to stop a room from appearing flat and adds depth and interest.
The new neutral is heavily inspired by organic textures and the appreciation for natural elements and hand-crafted materials such as rattan, linen, embroideries, ropework and basket weave textures.

Layer various textures through curtains, cushions, throws and upholstery to contrast against smooth walls and flooring.

The Craft collection features a variety of tactile three-dimensional elements created with crewel work embroidery and a tufted polka dot, with semi-plain textures that are soft to the touch, providing a relaxed, natural feeling of comfort.

Stripped-Back Finishes

With the introduction of raw plaster and natural wood in interior schemes, tones of sand and stone come together perfectly, sitting comfortably in their purest forms to create an environment with a feeling of warmth and vitality. Plaster-clad walls and wooden features offer subtle tonal variation with a smooth finish, complimenting heavily textured soft furnishings whilst providing enough contrast for a balanced look.

Co-ordinate natural inspired textiles further with lightshades and furniture crafted from wicker, wood, and stone for an organic finish to a cosy scheme, with the rich golden and amber hues adding to the warm, cosy feel and creating a Scandi aesthetic.

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