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St Leger & Viney: The Thibaut Paramount Collection

High style, glamour and nouveau—introducing the Thibaut Paramount collection of coordinating wallpaper, prints, woven and embroidered fabrics. This fabulous new range is now available locally from agents St Leger & Viney.

Decorative patterns include peacocks, flower motifs, and S-curves—all influenced by the strong visual and graphic arts and design movement that occurred at the turn of the 20th century.

In beautiful colours and interesting prints, the Thibaut Paramount Collection will bring renewed energy and colour to any interior.

Thibaut has become synonymous with beautiful traditional and transitional designs in signature colour palettes. They offer unsurpassed quality and great design in a variety of styles. The Thibaut Paramount Collection is no exception – a wonderfully fresh and invigorating range of fabrics and coordinating wallpapers.

With an insightful knowledge of shifting market trends and homeowner desires, Thibaut prides itself on creating unique patterns. Their exclusive designs and the tools to make them are owned and copyrighted by Thibaut. Inventory is kept in their warehouses in Newark, New Jersey and London, England and reaches the market through an extensive distribution network.

In South Africa, St Leger & Viney are thrilled to represent the brand and continually make the latest innovations available to the public.

Bring a fresh new look into your favourite spaces with this playful collection of bespoke fabrics and wallpapers.

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