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St Leger & Viney: A New Trend Collection by Rebel Walls

Are you inspired by the level of detail, and the daring extravagance common in the architecture of bygone eras?  The artistry and allure in these abandoned historical spaces create worlds, tells stories and evoke conversations.

Who wouldn’t want that? Pick a wall that lacks the natural light and depth from doors and
windows and turn it into an inspiring scenery that completely changes the character of your space.

Trend Collection Second Moment 1l18 by Rebel Walls offers 14 wall murals. Seven of them depict rooms that will bring a new sense of depth to your own room, and the remaining wallpapers will match those perfectly and help seal the overall impression.

“Match your trompe l’œil wall mural with its own time – the past, our time – the present or for maximized dynamics, introduce it to your interpretation of the future.” Maria Sjöstrand – Photographer and Stylist at Rebel Walls.

Step through time and space with the wall murals of Second Moment. Be dystopian or utopian in your interpretation but let yourself feel as joyous and undaunted as the original architects did.

“Modern Sci-Fi classics like Westworld served as an inspiration to the suggestive atmosphere we wanted in the collection. The rooms are authentic but feel cinematic and almost choreographed.” Johanna Ek, Design Manager, Rebel Walls.

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