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Room interior design simplified with Silk House’s Anthology

Confused by endless decorating choices? Silk House simplifies the room interior design process with its pre-picked themes. Choose from eight separate curated schemes of curtain and upholstery fabrics and wallpapers for an instant designer feel in any room.

Anthology theme selections

Explore these unique colour palettes, textures and themes for professional room interior design.

Scheme 1: Metropolitan Chique

room interior design



This collection brings swanky and sophisticated together. Hints of gold shine throughout, popping with blue and rich red.

 Fabrics: Calcatta (Inca), Como (Affogato), Fluxx (Tumeric), Prestony (Coconut)

Curtain: Sala (Dijon)/ (Slate), Nefis Sheer (Mercury)

Wallpaper: Sanaga (Stone)

Scheme 2: African Sunset

room interior design


Capturing the last glimpses of evening light cast over an African horizon, bold corals highlight charcoal in various prints and weaves.


Fabrics: Cadiz (Noir), Daria Hojas (Autumn), Prestony (Satsuma)

 Curtain: Kansas Sheer (Slate)

 Upholstery: Sarabi (Golden Rose)

 Outdoor fabric: Buffa (Coconut)

 Wallpaper: Triton (Raven)


Scheme 3: Mediterranean Bliss

room interior design



A gorgeous seaside paradise captured in neutral shades, bejewelled with light blues and green hues reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea, sky and iconically bright doors.


Fabrics: Newport (Stone), Normandy (Sea Mist), Prestony (Sea Foam)

Curtain: Genis Sheer (Truffle)

 Upholstery: Rafael (Macadamia), Savoy (Stone), Vertigo (Sea Foam)

 Wallpaper: Augustus (Moss)

Scheme 4: Elegant Hamptons

room interior design



room interior design

Channel trendy minimalism inspired by a Hampton holiday destination. Pia’s botanical fabric beams teal and fuschia tones, framed by soothing earthy neutrals.

Fabrics: Normandy (Silver Haze), Prestony (Meringue)

Curtain: Kansas Sheer (Sand)

Upholstery: Leone (Toffee), Pia (Jade), Rafael (Lichen), Savoy (Pacific)

Wallpaper: Lebombo (linen)

Scheme 5: Fire & Ice

room interior design

room interior design

Set your room ablaze with contrasting sets of cool and warm tones inviting creativity and lively conversation. The green and blues ground the space, while red sparks attention.

Fabrics: Alma (Nude), Alston (Tusk), Infinity (Viridian)

Curtain: Hurbert Sheer (Bronze)

Upholstery: Attaboy (Spice)/ (Sea Foam), Vichy (Pomelo)

Wallpaper: Triton (Spirit)

Scheme 6: Fiesta Siesta

room interior design


room interior design

Celebrate with a full spectrum of luxurious golds, rich reds and deep blues. In Full Bloom’s floral wallpaper ties the theme together, creating a visual masterpiece.


Fabrics: Infinity (Sapphire)/ (Cognac)

Curtain: Lamarr (Pebble), Shernice Sheer (Sand)

Upholstery: Belmont (Grapefruit), Vertigo (Almond), Vichy (Cobalt)

 Wallpaper: In Full Bloom (Autumn)

Scheme 7: Rugged Rustic

room interior design

room interior design

Nothing quite captures rustic Afro-chic as industrial greys, muted browns and shades of mustard. Patterns, animal prints and weaves run seamlessly throughout for a fresh yet familiar aesthetic.

Fabrics: Lombardi (Storm), Mara (Springbok), Newport (Fresh Moss), Rustico (Charcoal)

Curtain: Blanco Sheer (Dove), Southampton Sheer (Pollenation)

 Upholstery: Kordofan (Dusty)

 Outdoor fabric: Marquis (Shadow)/ (Tumeric)

 Wallpaper: Alfafa (Charcoal)

Scheme 8: Urban Jungle

room interior design


room interior design



Get immersed in a world of colour and wildlife with this enchanting ensemble. With a single look at Korongo fabric, you can hear the echoes of the jungle creeping in, beckoning you to explore.

Fabrics: Fluxx (Tobacco), Korongo (Night)

Curtain: Panorama Sheer (Feather)

 Upholstery: Leone (Evergreen)/(Obsidian), Manila (Limone), Marksman (Tawny), Prestony (Stone)/ (Mascara)

 Wallpaper: Mattina (Tambooti)

Adorn spaces easily with Anthology

To apply Anthology to your next room interior design project, contact Silk House.


Curate a new look for your space with the help of Silk House’s hand-picked room interior design packages. Choose from Anthology’s eight curated schemes. 152 characters.




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