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Mungo: Introducing The Chef’s Apron

Whoever the wearer, whatever the activity – the Chef’s Apron from Mungo has got you covered.

Meet a trio of Chef’s Aprons, the latest additions to the Mungo apparel range. But don’t be fooled by the name, because that’s definitely not the only person it’s for.

This is an apron for the flour-nosed bakers, the braai masters and the culinary enthusiasts.
It’s for the potters, the painters, the miscellaneous makers. The mad scientists, the baristas and weekend gardeners. It’s even just a great way to inspire some sprucing and spring cleaning around the house. Because that’s how nice it is to wear.

With over-the-shoulder, adjustable straps, the Chef’s Apron is the perfect fit for him or her,
tall or short. It comes equipped with a generous double pocket for stashing all the utensils
or tools needed to get the job done.

Woven with cotton and linen, the Chef’s Apron is sturdy and robust, sufficiently covering all the bodily surface areas in the line of grime fire.


  • Berry
  • Aubergine
  • Yam


  • Adjustable, cross over straps
  • Wide, double front pocket
  • Woven with a classic herringbone weave

Now available online and in-store from Mungo. Besides these beautiful aprons, you can also purchase a variety of items from Mungo, who are an unique textile company with the rare ability to create fabrics from the inception of design to the final product.

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