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Future Threads: A Planet-Friendly Textile Trend By Eshanima Fabrics

Future Threads is the beginning of a planet-friendly trend in textiles from Eshanima Fabrics.

It is possible to reduce some of the strain placed on our planet by the textile manufacturing industry by making wise choices. One way of lessening the overall impact of the industry is to use upcycled and recycled textiles.

Eshanima Fabrics and Wall Coverings is a long-time advocate of environmentally friendly textile choices, but for the first time they are able to offer a 100% homegrown product to customers. The Future Threads collection is locally manufactured from rPet (bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate). Plastic bottles take about 700 years to decompose and even when broken down, they still leave microplastic elements that harm the ecosystem. Research shows that the manufacturing of rPet textiles uses 85% less energy, 90% less water and creates 65% less emissions.

The Application

Now that we have the science out of the way, let’s chat about the look and feel, as well as the application of the Future Threads collection. The weave is visible and luxurious and you can pretty much use it anywhere and for most interior design applications – indoor and semi-outdoor, upholstery, curtaining and cushions. This collection also offers an ethical solution to both the mass and high-end markets.

The designs are influenced by global trends, as well as local elements. Printing is done with eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based inks.

Moving to planet-friendly textile solutions has never been more important. If we all start shifting in that direction it will give these alternative textiles the boost that is needed to make it the trend it deserves to be.

For more information visit Eshanima Fabrics.

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