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Vescom: digitally printed wallcoverings

Creators of high-performance digitally printed wallcoverings, Vescom has been creating creative, custom interiors for years.

“Imagine the difference between printing an image of distressed concrete on flat versus textured vinyl. Pairing your choice of image with the right base surface has a huge impact on the result: certain material structures can add extra depth and tactility to the surface, creating a more dynamic look and feel in an interior,” says the company. 

“Vescom recognizes the value that customisation can add to today’s international contract interiors. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions, including digital printing for wallcovering. Solutions that provide the perfect fit, like a handmade glove. Our digitally printed wallcovering can fulfil a need that’s poetic or practical – or both. It can add character and individuality to interiors, tell a unique spatial story, or provide an integrated method of wayfinding. It can embed branding within the interior architecture, determine the mood of an entire space, or provide a feature accent within a spatial scheme.”

With Vescom any size custom look can be created in one of eight different structured surfaces, including smooth, solid finishes to tactile gradients such as the woven structure of Sagara+Print, the plaster look of Tica+Print and Bely+Print’s linen-like resemblance.

“All of our printable surfaces are made from high-performance materials. The majority is made from vinyl with non-woven backing, with the exception of Porak+Print,” says Vescom.

“While most of our wallcovering options come in widths of 134 cm, Langor+Print and Porak+Print are much wider. They have a width of 320 cm. These wider options can be railroaded and then installed by qualified experts to provide a cost-effective floor-to-ceiling wallcovering. This is extremely beneficial for digitally printed wallcovering, making it possible to achieve a seamless, uninterrupted image from left to right.”

Vescom also offers a sustainable wallcovering solution.

“Our Porak+Print is a non-vinyl sustainable surface that incorporates 40 per cent recycled polyester and is coated on both sides with acrylate,” explains the company.

In addition, the wallcoverings are also IMO certified and come with Vescom Protect, a protective layer that is highly stain resistant.

Vescom products are locally available through Eshanima Fabrics.

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