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Kehls – Keep your Interior Décor Cosy with Corduroy

In winter, it is ideal that our furniture has a high snuggle factor. We want something that is soft, and comfortable and creates the illusion of warmth. The fabric that comes to mind is Corduroy! At Kehls you will find four different types of Corduroy in stock, all promising a lush and velvety feel. The differences are in the widths of the raised parallel lines that define this fabric.

The traditional Corduroy Range comes in 13 different colours. This means you can match it up with almost any existing colour scheme. It offers durability, an informal look and just never dates.


The Corduroy BIG Range from Kehls has a wider parallel raised line, feels softer and is available in 14 different colours. Perfect for couches, armchairs, bean bags, headboards and cushion covers.

The Corduroy Wide Range has gained in popularity. The lush raised parallel lines are even wider than the BIG and it is wonderful for oversized cushion covers or bean bags.

The NEW Cosy Range is a pure winter wonder. This is perfect for throws or for pure indulgence to cover your couch/armchair cushions.

Corduroy has a place in every room in your home where you want to relax. Let us help you find the right one at Kehls.

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