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Eshanima Fabrics: Hygienic Human-Centric Interior Curtain Solutions

Eshanima Fabrics presents five new curtain fabrics now available for balancing high performance and sophisticated aesthetics from Vescom.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the ‘new normal’. While no one can say for certain what the future will bring, we do believe that recent events have forced a shift in perspective. It’s inevitable when the activities we took for granted – a day at the office, a meal at a restaurant, a hotel stay, a hospital visit – have radically changed, heightening our sense of caution. We’re looking at the spaces and materials around us differently. Yes, they should be clean and hygienic and fulfill their function, but they should also still satisfy our human desire for comfort and support our wellbeing.


The benefits of soft furnishings in contract interiors are manifold. Curtains can help to determine the atmosphere and identity of a space, imbuing it with tactility and comfort while regulating light and temperature. They can soften reverberation and the space itself, connect or divide a room. They give us the opportunity to adjust our spaces to support our wellbeing.

Vescom has always offered material solutions that balance design and function. Their curtain fabrics look and feel completely natural yet are made from fire-retardant polyester to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings – even hospitals.

Five new curtain releases offer a new benchmark for balancing high performance and sophisticated aesthetics. The three new products – Ellis, Rona and Tula – and two new colour ranges for existing products Naltar and Delos utilize all the functional benefits of polyester FR while answering our human desire for tactile, familiar materials.


Rona and Ellis: crafted and linen-inspired

The new releases are extremely matte and soft to the touch, their supple lengths flowing effortlessly to the floor. Crafted and linen-inspired, Rona is a range of neutrals with their own rich character while the calming pastel palette of Ellis is soft without being sweet.

Tula: luxurious warm woollike

Tula is the kind of curtain fabric that provides a natural and comfortable alternative to partitioning. This fabric determines the atmosphere and identity of a space, imbuing it with tactility and comfort. Tula, a curtain with a luxurious warm woollike feel, offers both neutral options and more saturated bolds.


Naltar and Delos: colourful, lively and expressive shades

Naltar and Delos have been updated for today, transformed into more colourful, lively and expressive shades. Through clever combinations of colours and fabric structures, the yarn-dyed melanges – Delos in particular – spring to life in three dimensions.

Washable at 70°C

At a time of increased awareness surrounding hygiene and safety, it’s reassuring to know that these Vescom curtains are washable at 70°C – well above the temperature needed to kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites – or alternatively treated with disinfectants, features that are supported by comprehensive testing.


Natural solution to practise social distancing

We’re not only increasingly aware of hygiene, but of the need to practice safe social distancing. At Vescom, this need has led to a surge of makeshift screen solutions that feel anything but human. Curtains provide a more natural and comfortable alternative to partitioning, and Vescom’s Rona and Ellis ranges can be railroaded to achieve a seamless and cost-effective floor-to-ceiling solution. Further contributing to comfort, curtains can regulate the natural light that enters a space and improve its thermal climate. We also know that each space has its own requirements, which is why Vescom can now provide the light transmittance, the solar transmittance and the G-value for all five curtain fabrics.


Find the latest from Vescom now available at Eshanima Fabrics.

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  1. thandiwe hlabane

    September 27, 2020

    Good morning, I would like to request a quote for a leather fabric to cover, car seat. Polo vovo blue line.


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