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ADF Outdoor: The Fabric Colour Trends of 2018

ADF Outdoor bring us a quality range of outdoor fabrics from renowned international manufacturers. They have put together a look-book of the latest colour trends for the season. Here we shed light on the Sunbrella brand and the latest colour combinations making waves!

The Sunbrella brand of outdoor fabrics, now available from ADF Outdoor, is steeped in top quality dyes during the actual manufacturing process, when the dye is still liquid. As a result, Sunbrella yarn is coloured all the way to the core so its original vibrancy lasts on and on. There’s absolutely no comparison to ordinary procedures whereby the yarn or fabric is simply dipped in dye which therefore only penetrates the outer layers.

Some of the trending colour ranges include:

New Dandy:

Refined and maverick, the New Dandy ambience is filled with curious and original objects. A ‘cabinet of curiosities’, New Dandy colours are strong and intense, with classic but reworked tartan inspirations. The 21st Century Dandy has fun with historic references and asserts its originality.

New Dandy

Misty Rose:

This candidly feminine world explore the qualities of delicacy, sensitivity and refinement. Blush, nude, mint green and Curacao blue hues have a self-assured, balanced and subtle complementary feel. The textured relief of this selection artfully captures the bright, airy feel of Misty Rose.

Misty Rose

Scandinavian Indus:

Soft Scandinavian pastels partner with the raw appearance of an industrial environment to create a distinctive setting. Exposed brick, rough-finished walls and metal beams contrast with the soft appearance and feel of Chartres, Natte and Tundra. This charming environment nurtures comfort and wellbeing at home.

Scandinavian Indus

Pure Nature

With their irregular designs and colours, these textured fabrics evoke ideas of nature and the elements. Wicker and wood blend with alabasters, taupe greys, browns and bronzes, while hints of Aqua blue bring out its natural character. Pure Nature underlines the environmental awareness of the Sunbrella Brand, for which sustainable design and environmentally friendly fabrics is a priority.

Pure Nature

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