St Leger & Viney: The New Elitis Collections

Discover the latest from Elitis, new wallpaper and panoramic collections plus new fabric collections in colourways perfect for Spring. Elitis is available exclusively at St Leger & Viney.

Wallpaper / Anguille Big Croco Legend: 
Big Croco and Anguille have led the way with remarkable leather effects. These emblematic vinyl wallpapers have reinvented themselves, leaving their marks on original combinations. They come alive with subtle shades, metallic highlights and patinated solids.

This beautifully embossed vinyl wallpaper comes on paper backing and is sold by the roll 10 x 1 m or 10 x 70 cm.

Big Croco (VP 423 & VP 426) & Anguille (VP 424) are dressed in patinated leather and adorned with metallic highlights – available in 14 colours & 12 colours.

Legend (VP 425) showcases leather goods in a delicate patchwork of skins with shimmering, metallic and plain hues – in 10 colours. 3 panoramics are available: 3 x 3 m, 3 strips 1 x 3 m.

Waiting for eve (VP 427):
Through its naïve and stylized linens this XXL illustration pays homage to the imagination and features luxuriant vegetation in cheerful colors.

California dreams (VP 428):
Wall fresco with exotic flowers in a flight of original whimsy expressing a hint of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Lost in plantation (VP 429):
On this immense painting, plants offer a bountiful botanical immersion through gigantic foliage with unique greens.

Velvet / Palatine: 
As always, enamored with light, velvet is revealed in new hues. With Palatine, they are deep and warm: ocher yellow, natural beige, intense violet. This velvet dedicated to seating and curtains, doesn’t mark and is an invitation to soft caresses – in 41 colours.

Linen / Gypsies:
2 Linen fabrics treats itself to a bath of colors and plunge its fibres into a palette of muted hues, highlighted by soft shades. Peach pink and garnet red mingle with a sun-kissed green, indigo and navy blue pair up, while a spicy mandarin revitalizes them – 18 new untamed references complete the first Gypsies collection.



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