St Leger & Viney: Spotlight on David Ralphs and Peter Gordon

The world of fabrics is continually evolving. Each season we see a new display of colours, textures and more that influence our interior styles. In keeping with the latest trends in fabric offerings, we chatted to the leading innovators from St Leger & Viney about the inspirations behind the brand.

Let’s hear from the innovators behind this phenomenal brand. We asked David Ralphs, managing director of St Leger & Viney, and Peter Gordon, creative director, about what influences and inspires the brand today.

1. What is your go to classic colour choice?

David: Most recently a living room that I did at home was in a combination of neutrals, knocked back teal blue, tarnished gold with some yellow thrown in. The combination is vibrant but relaxed and I’m really enjoying it.

As an all-time colour choice I have always found the combination of green and white to be wonderfully uplifting.

Peter: I love blue. I wear blue, I have a blue study and I’m passionate about blue and white porcelain both old and new pieces.

David Ralphs and Peter Gordon

2. Is there a hotel, interior or building that most inspires your work?

David: For timeless sophistication and a combination of bold colour, beautiful fabrics and superb craftsmanship I would say the Oyster Box in Umhlanga. For me it is reminiscent of gracious hotels on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Peter: I find an eclectic mix of cultures and styles a huge inspiration and I’m particularly moved when they are confidently combined in a seamless stylish interior. The Ham Yard Hotel in Soho London is the epitome of chic style and eclectic sophistication.

3. A place you like to visit.

David: I love to visit Arniston, a beautiful coastal village on the Western Cape coast.

Peter: I’m always excited to visit London.

4. Where do you go to spot new styles?

David: My work with St Leger & Viney takes me to London Design week and to Paris Deco Off each year and it is here that I am exposed to the latest trends and styles. Also important is the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Peter: I have a background in trend forecasting so I follow tends and fashion online but most importantly I look to develop ranges that are trend relevant but most importantly resonate with our brand.

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5. Do you have a favourite restaurant?

David: La Boqueria in Johannesburg for its eclectic décor and delicious food. In Cape Town I enjoy Black Sheep on Kloof Street and its quirky sidekick, Dark Horse.

Peter: Anywhere where I can enjoy good food and good company.

6. Who or what is your biggest design influence.

David: I am inspired by the design philosophy of the Mediterranean. I admire luxurious yet restrained interiors. The contrast of sophisticated colour and strong silhouettes creates a soulful contemporary style.

Peter: I’m very influenced by ethnic designs and the stories they tell. Each motif or design has a story, a tradition or significance. That’s what we do today, we create the threads for the tapestries of modern stories.

7. Any interesting projects and designs you are working on?

David: We are putting the finishing touches on an exciting new St Leger & Viney decorative collection called Terra Nova that will launch in June. The collection is inspired by nature and the African continent and is a selection of beautiful textures in mostly neutral tones.

Peter: We’re working with designers and mills locally and internationally to curate future collections – I can’t wait to share the exciting new collections we have planned. Watch this space.

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St Leger & Viney has become a recognised brand, offering seamlessly blends of fabrics and influences with a variety of unique collections that represent an enviable stable of international brands in the local market. As such, the company gives their loyal customers access to some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Many of these brands have been supplying fabric, trimmings and wallcoverings for generations, while remaining at the forefront of innovation in today’s competitive market.

Founded in 1989, St Leger & Viney has always aimed to bring high-end classic design to the market at competitive prices. Their continued commitment to design means that every interaction with St Leger & Viney is unique, from their new collections and beautiful showrooms to their passionate and dedicated team.

Find out more online and visit St Leger & Viney.


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