St Leger & Viney: The All-New Spitalfields Collection

Pretty as a flower in bloom. This is the vision we see when we look at the all new Lewis and Wood Spitalfields Collection of wallpaper and linen prints available through St Leger & Viney

Launched in March as a Spring collection in the northern hemisphere, the new Spitalfields Collection is a celebration of floral notes in soft colour palettes. Inspired by nature and embedded in history, the collection brings to life designs of old in new, fresh linen prints and wallpapers. Let’s take a closer look:

Hanbury (left) and Cinda’s Roses (right)

HANBURY Taken from an original design by Joseph Dandridge, a natural history illustrator and silk pattern designer who lived in the Spitalfields area of East London, this design is printed on 100% washed linen with a textured background and is named after Hanbury Hall in Spitalfields. CINDA’S ROSES Lucinda Rodgers, a first-year textiles student at Bath Spa University, is the deserving winner of the first Lewis and Wood Wide Width Wallpaper competition. Inspired by nature and growing up in a rural environment, her prize-winning design ‘Cinda’s Roses’ impressed the judges with its composition, scale and incorporation of different elements. These are available in four bright colourways – Sunshine, Genie, Blue Yonder and Magic.

Hawksmoor (left) and Vallance (right)

HAWKSMOOR Also by Joseph Dandridge, this design incorporates both his knowledge of natural history and his skill as a designer. Lewis and Wood have given it a new lease on life in three vibrant colourways, and named it after Nicholas Hawksmoor, the architect responsible for the magnificent Christ Church, Spitalfields. VALLANCE Huguenot silk weaver and mill owner James Leman designed this beautiful filigree pattern. The selection is named after a street in Spitalfields with a suitably French and feminine name.

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