St Leger & Viney: New Fabric Collections With International Appeal

St Leger & Viney are thrilled to remain on the cutting edge of design innovation, bringing us the best in international trends and bespoke fabrics from renowned brands and industry leaders. Here we share some of the new collections from GP & Baker and Threads.

GP & Baker: The Signature Print Collection

Capturing the very essence of GP & J Baker, this exceptional print collection is a perfect illustration of the company’s celebrated heritage. Some of its most beautiful and iconic designs have been given gorgeous contemporary colourways ranging from soft blue and blush to deep dark indigo designed to enhance the delicate elegance of Oriental Bird, the pastoral charm of Bird and Iris and the bold drama of Rockbird.

Harmonious new additions include three artisanal prints, Tivington, a very pretty hand block, Moreton Trellis and Calbeck a sinuous curving floral stripe.

Some of our favourites include:

Oriental Bird Signature

A beautiful bird and branch design in the tradition of antique Chinese wallpapers. Around 1910 GP & J Baker began to produce patterns on a more delicate scale to suit the slender grace of Edwardian furnishings. The crested bird that gives this fabric its name evokes the exoticism of the miniature paintings of Mughal India.

Rockbird Signature

Rockbird was originally drawn by the talented textile designer, William Turner in the early 20th century and has been consistently included within the GP & J Baker collections since 1912. Inspired by Chinese artwork that Turner had seen in the British Museum, it features a magnificent flowering magnolia tree and exotic flowers with two pheasants perched on rocks at the base of the tree. It was first produced as a block print using seventeen colours.

Bird & Iris

Sourced from an archival block printed linen produced in the mid twentieth century, this gorgeous array of English garden flowers includes bearded Irises, lilac and anemones. Nestling amongst the beauty of these full blown blooms are two small birds adding to the pastoral charm of this delightful design.

Moreton Trellis

This very pretty small scale trellis with a simple flower head sitting in each diamond shape, has an antiqued look resembling the natural variations of hand block printing.


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