Cara Saven Wall Design: A Luxurious New Marble-Inspired Range

The latest collection from Cara Saven Wall Design is pushing marble wall surfaces to the next level by taking inspiration from the Art Deco era of design that was all about glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.

Interior of a home office

This innovative range is a celebration of both luxury and modernity, expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Each design plays with different cuts of marble and how fantastic they look when juxtaposed with metal and other inlays. The great part is, you can have this luxurious look with affordable wallpaper. Save money, time and materials and invest in quality wallpaper to make a lasting impression. And don’t forget the key to Cara Saven Wall Design is customisation – so feel free to ask them to change a design or colour to suit your unique interior requirements.

Stylish pink chair and a vintage spotlight offset by a beautiful wallpaper

We are in love with this marble-inspired collection that offers vibrancy, depth, character and timeless appeal to any interior. With gorgeous patterns that evoke a contemporary sense of luxury and refinement, you can now create a bespoke feature wall in your home or office and let this become a talking point in your favourite interior spaces. Feeling more adventurous? Kit out an entire room in this latest range of wallpaper and make a real statement that will continue to inspire.

Contemporary elegant grey living room

Cara Saven specializes in custom designed wall art, wallpaper, canvas, vinyl and more, for your home and business. You can view their featured ranges online to search by texture, style and theme. Whether you are seeking one of a kind children’s wall art, detailed urban landscapes, intricate botanical prints or something that creates an instant impression for visitors arriving at your office, their collection is designed to inspire. Contact Cara Saven today to learn more about their custom wall art solutions, or to request a quote.

Classic, modern, Scandinavian style with dark-green interior

For more info visit Cara Saven Wall Design.


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