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Singapore Design Week

From the latest in sustainability to inclusivity, Singapore Design Week 2023 was jam-packed with novel approaches to not only how we design but also how we live.

This year’s theme was “Better by Design” and the week kicked off with a talk focused on the future of Singapore – a small island nation in light of a changing climate and an ageing population.

Looking to answer the question “How do we design for a better future?”, the event saw various exhibitions pop up around the city, along with talks and FIND – Design Fair Asia’s annual convention.

Highlights from the week included School of Tomorrow. Organised by the creative agency Kinetic Singapore, the exhibition took a playful approach to environmental education by creating an entire exhibit that resembled a primary school, with different “classrooms” each addressing a different topic.

While Ong Ker Shing and Joshua Comaroff of Lekker Architects transformed the atrium of Singapore’s Lasalle College into an interactive playing field. Here, they showcased a range of inclusive design solutions such as Play-Play, an app that allows players of games to compete at their skill level for a “level playing field no matter their needs”.

Featured in FI&LD is Haptics of Cooking, a series of kitchen tools for the blind, designed by the experience of touch by Studio Boey

Playground of Possibilities by designer Jackson Tan, meanwhile, displayed 12 projects aimed at finding solutions for Singapore’s civic problems.

Wallpaper Milan editor Maria Cristina Didero and Tony Chambers also presented Future Imapact which highlighted the work of six Singaporean practitioners “whose work pushes the boundaries of fabrication, sustainable production and creative problem-solving”, including Bent Onyx by Nathan Yong and Tiffany Loy’s Building Futures Line by Line project.

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