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Kuier@TheCastle: A Monthly Celebration of Cape Town’s Creativity.

Launching February 24, Kuier@TheCastle, a collaboration between the Craft + Design Institute (CDI) and the Castle of Good Hope, aims to become Cape Town’s hottest monthly creative event. 

Taking the form of a vibrant market set up at one of the country’s tourism gems, Kuier@TheCastle will offer visitors an immersive experience with artisanal products, culinary delights and entertainment for all to enjoy.

“We are inviting people to come and experience the magic within the Castle,” says Erica Elk, Group CEO of the Craft + Design Institute. 

“Come and ‘Kuier’ with us in this magnificent space – one of the oldest in South Africa – to chill, shop, eat, play and explore the fantastic local delights at this extraordinary heritage site we are so lucky to have such easy access to.”

Aligning with the organisers’ mission of providing a space for diverse people to connect, engage and celebrate local talent, locals and tourists alike are invited to come and “kuier” (relax) in the historic building, emphasising the communal spirit and shared experiences the event aims to foster.

“The Kuier@TheCastle market with the CDI has the potential to be a beautiful platform to bring Capetonians and tourists from all walks of life together,” agrees Calvyn Gilfellan, CEO of the Castle of Good Hope.

“Here, they can relax on the green grass and drink in the most spectacular views of Table Mountain and the City … and spread the love by supporting local creative artisans and performers.”

“The Mother City thrives as a dynamic hub for creative practitioners, artisans and designers who infuse their unique talents into the very fabric of the city – it’s what makes Cape Town a major global centre of design and creativity,” agrees Elk, adding that the market will boost the creative economy in the city.

Kuier@TheCastle visitors will also be able to enjoy discounted entry fees to the Castle on market days, explains Gilfellan, encouraging visitors to explore this historical site.

Kuier@TheCastle will be open from 9 am to 4 pm on the last Saturday of each month, starting on February 24, 2024.

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