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Decorex SA Illuminates This Year’s Christmas Trends

This Christmas season is awash with blushing pinks and subdued hues that perfectly accent the fresh flowers and greenery that will adorn rooms and table settings as the festive atmosphere takes hold. Moving away from the excesses that have come to dominate the month of December, this year will see a more toned-down approach with emphasis placed on enjoyment with family and friends.

Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Lifestyle, Design & Retail Portfolio for Decorex SA, said this year’s trends encouraged interaction and use of the outdoors, rather than introspection. “The South African Christmas is about getting outside and enjoying the summer sun with those closest to us. Pool parties, picnics and outdoor feasts featuring colourful summer berries and sparkling wines is what Christmas 2017 is all about. But, rather than overindulging, the trend is to make the most of everything, putting meaning into each individual piece.

” Taking a cue from the natural world, the colour experts at Kansai Plascon have identified paint trends for the festive season that are inspired by soft, natural shades. Cool colours like Mellow Blue are being used with classic blush tones like Shy Pink as well as with pinks displaying a more lilac undertone such as Sea Oyster. These are all grounded by striking, bold greens like Caribbean Current and accented by rich yellows along the lines of Glorious Gold. Specialists in South African décor, @home, have also incorporated the emphasis on a simpler, quality narrative for this year’s Christmas season and translated it into a local context. “This year, Christmas is about celebrating together in deconstructed luxe or modern grandeur,” explained Renee New, Head of Marketing and Commercial for @home. “The philosophy is to buy less, but buy better and create longevity with sophisticated heirlooms and memories that can be passed on.” New suggests bringing in some ‘old-world glamour’ with elegant whites and neutrals enlivened with oxidized silver or hints of gold. The inclusion of specially curated cutlery and crockery sets can really bring the table to life, while natural table linens complement a beautifully simple and natural wreath on the door. Greenery adds texture, as do a few delicate tea lights. This is all perfectly suited to the alfresco dining experience which is ideal for a sunny South African celebration.

“Choose earthy tones and add a few exquisite baubles for extra presence and glamour,” she continued. “We have a selection of unique glass baubles available, each an individual design sold separately making it easier to pick and choose the ones you love.” Create that on-trend Christmas Decorex SA, leaders in the décor, design and lifestyle industry, have interpreted the global influences into a uniquely South African setting, outlining some of the best 2017 Christmas trends that will help you celebrate your #rhythmoflife.

Christmas Colours Gliding away from the loud bubblegum pink that was popular in the past, 2017 will see Christmas ushering in the soft pink hue of the ‘Millennial Pink’ trend. Dominating décor, furniture and fashion, this blushing colour will also form the delicate backdrop of the three Decorex exhibitions taking over Durban, Joburg and Cape Town in 2018. Keeping it natural This fresh and natural trend will breathe new life into your Christmas this year as flowers and green leaves weave their way into the décor. Take a trip to the local flower market for a kaleidoscopic selection or just bring the outdoors indoors by taking fresh foliage from your garden to enliven the Christmas tables.

Sparkling settings The soft, neutral pinks and whites are perfectly complemented by the incorporation of matte gold cutlery and touches of different metals in your table settings. This contrasts beautifully with the natural elements of wood, glass and ceramics. African craft Personalise your table décor with handcrafted decorative accessories while walls can be stencilled using playful colours and designs. Localise the Christmas season by using ceramic plates with African prints either for decorative wall hangings or displayed on the table itself. You can actually extend your table theme with an over-pattern treatment on other surfaces.

Mystical minimalism Embrace the ‘less is more’ trend embodied in the Scandinavian ‘Lagom’ which encourages more frugality in all aspects of life. In Christmas, this ethos of moderation which strives for ‘adequate sufficiency’ translates into clever purchases and elegant minimalism. “There are many subtle ways to make your home feel cosy without excess,” explained Bloom. “Using freshly cut flowers and leaves from your garden decor; home-made stencils on walls or re-decorating old plates are just some options.” Summer feasts A great way to bring families together is through shared food in a beautiful setting which is why this Christmas, outdoor feasts incorporating summer fruits and healthy snacks are trending.

Picnics in the garden with scatter cushions or elegant outdoor meals with gentle pink hues and contrasting metal and wood will create an inviting setting for festive feasts. To create the perfect colour background for the outside space, a strong, grounding tone like Rogue is ideal, according to the Kansai Plascon Experts. It’s a particularly good shade when combined with natural greenery, as well as more vibrant colour pops like Hot ‘N Spicy Fuscia Fizz or even Lavender Veil By selecting Wall & All, you’re ensured a durable, long-lasting finish for any project in this kind of environment. Celebrate your #rhythmoflife this festive season with some of these sparkling ideas and start 2018 afresh with the best décor, design and lifestyle trends by visiting Decorex SA.

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