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Travel to Collect, Engage & Discover

Once the travel bug has bitten, you’ll want to explore the world and discover the beauty of hidden places and all the different cultures that this amazing globe has to offer. We’re all about immersing yourself in the rich culture, heritage and traditions of foreign lands, but one of the phenomenal things about travel is that you are able to bring a piece of the magic home with you.

Layered and eclectic spaces

When it comes to your personal space; your precious abode at home – fill it with the memories of your travels and collections from your voyages and create a truly reflective and personalised interior that has soul and meaning. If like us, you’re all about travel-inspired spaces, then recreate the look at home with map-inspired wallpaper, a globe of the world as decor and books about your favourite places.

In the kitchen, bring home exotic spices and interesting finds to infuse and recreate your favourite dishes. The smell alone may create a nostalgic feeling that will instantly transport you to a foreign place -whether an exotic trip to India with aromas that are spicy and flavoursome; or the scent of the Meditteranean with fresh seafood simmering on your stove top.

A family affair

Instil a love of travel in your kids while they are young. Not only will this help to expand their horizons but will also give them a deeper understanding of the human condition and an authentic appreciation for people from all around the world. Allow them to bring their own traveller gems home, whether beautiful artwork from a special holiday or a bespoke piece of furniture suited to their bedrooms.

Travelling with kids can be tricky. It’s definitely not as straightforward as planning a trip with adults but it can and should be done to help your kids grow and experience life outside of their everyday routines. Read this survival guide for flying with kids to help ease your mind!

Events to look out for!

When it comes to the world of decor and design, you won’t want to miss out on these global events coming up in May. Plan your travels accordingly and stay abreast of all the latest in the world of decor and design!

  • 27 April – 2 May – Decorex Cape Town SA – RSA – web
  • 2-4 May, 2018 – Design Build Expo Sydney, Australia – web
  • 5-13 May, 2018 – Grand Designs Live , Londres, UK – web
  • 19-22 May, 2018 – NYCxDESIGN, New York, USA – web
  • 20-23 May, 2018 – ICFF, New York, USA – web
  • 25 – 27 May, 2018 – Design Joburg, Johannesburg, RSAweb
  • 30 May – 1 June 2018 – Interior Lifestyle, Tokyo, Japanweb

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