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Jan 14, 2020

Homemakers: InHabit’s Truly Artisan

Truly Artisan is a show feature that always attracts the creatives, creators and crafters. The InHabit 2020 Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo will offer a colourful collection of décor and design stands.

We understand that the process of decorating your space is exciting, but it can be challenging when you’re not one-hundred per cent sure which creative direction to take. If the Truly Artisan show feature is why you visit the Expo then these home décor tips will come in handy before you decide to buy anything at the show!

The Theme
When you take on the task of decorating, the first thing to consider is how you want to showcase your design aesthetic. Is it your travels that inspire you, your love for the city, or your longing for the country? Choose a theme that will tie your design together and help you narrow down which items you need to create it. Choosing the right furniture and artworks, and the perfect colour palette and lighting will get you one step closer to creating your dream space.

Pay special attention to the type of space you are working with and how the theme will complement the space’s function. A theme will also help you focus your ideas so the task does not become overwhelming.

In most decorating projects your layout is either going to work for you or against you. It will also determine how functional the space you are decorating will be. If home is where you spend most of your time, it is really important to make comfort a priority. Whether you are considering where to place large furniture pieces or smaller decorative elements, your layout should enhance the functionality of your space.

Consider how easy it is to move in your space, how furniture placement may impact the flow of air and light through the space and how they are practically positioned for comfort and accessibility. The best way to plan your layout without having to constantly move your furniture around is to measure each piece and mark out the dimensions on the floor using tape. This will help you visualise how the space will look and feel without damaging your furniture with multiple moves.

The principal of three is a simple way to add interest when planning your decor layout (placing items in groups of three, while trying to include different heights, textures and a pop of colour).

Colour and Lighting
Colour is an essential element in decorating. It creates the mood and ambience that will essentially set the tone for your theme. It is important to take the effects of colours in different lighting setups into consideration. Play around with painting swatches directly onto your walls and get material samples to test colours.

The theme will also influence the type of lighting you use. Natural light is generally best. Optimise it where you can by keeping natural light sources open in your layout. Brighten up or tone down any room with artificial lighting. A well-placed lamp or directional mounted light can be used to light up focal points such as artworks or reading corners. Reflecting light using a mirror also creates the illusion of space and helps amplify the light in small spaces.

Truly Artisan is a must for visitors looking to add the latest, custom-made products to their home. This curated treasure trove of artworks, cutting edge furniture and lighting designs, collector’s items, handcrafted décor pieces and natural products will revamp and add personality to your home. Stay up to date with Expo news on Facebook. or visit Homemakers online for more.

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