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Cape Town Furniture Week: OKHA Shines Light on Local Talent

Okha introduces the Convergance of Creativity exhibition which shines  a light on local talent during The Cape Town Furniture Week

OKHA is proud to announce its participation in the annual Cape Town Furniture Week, with the opening of an exhibition on February 13th, with a curated selection of local talent that showcases the remarkable craftsmanship and design work emerging from studios across Cape Town. As a leading furniture design studio OKHA are committed to shining a light on the level of craft and innovation that is propelling Cape Town’s design scene onto the global stage.

The exhibition which features a diverse line-up of acclaimed artists and designers, including Jan Ernst, Willowlamp, WaterDixon, Vitalli, Zander Blom, is a convergence of talent that  provides an exclusive showcase of works by local esteemed artists, whose work are making their way to leading design showrooms, galleries, and collections worldwide.  Each piece selected exemplifies the unique perspectives and talents of leading local talent influencing interiors around the world.

The convergence of creativity culminates in the showcase of works made  in collaboration between OKHA and Jan Ernst. a multidisciplinary artist whose work is a harmonious blend of organic forms and abstract sensibilities. The OKHA and Jan Ernst collaboration, entitled Synergistic Harmony epitomise a fusion of divergent design aesthetics united by a shared vision to explore and express form, function and the resulting emotive vibrations.  Inspired by the artistry of Constantin Brancusi, who intertwined geometric and organic elements,  seeking to emphasize the significance of studios with distinct styles coming together to craft objects that coexist harmoniously. 

Central to the collaboration is the exploration of spatial relationships and compositional lines, with Jan Ernst responding to plinths designed by Adam Court as architectural canvases.  Both contemplated the impact of immediate environments on individuals and explored themes of tension and the transformative forces that shape our existence.  The result are sculptural OKHA plinths, entitled CUT FORMS;  which began with a singular and simple rectilinear volumetric block carved and cut with incisions, severe and brutal, reshaping and transforming the mass  into a new state, a new order that is both primordial and future. Oppositionally to Jan’s soft-modelled ceramic sculptures titled ANIMISM, responds to the belief system that attributes spiritual qualities, such as souls or spirits, to animals, plants, inanimate objects. His sculpted works are infused with a sense of sensual movement and torsion, breathing organic life into the form. The result is a dialogue that not only visually captivates but also prompts reflection on the intricate connections between art, environment, and the ever-evolving forces that shape our world and ourselves.

The OKHA exhibition represents a fusion of divergent design aesthetics, epitomizing the studio’s commitment to showcasing the depth and diversity of talent within Cape Town’s design community.

“At OKHA, we are committed to  supporting and celebrating the exceptional local talent and craftsmanship that is shaping the future of design in our city and beyond,” says Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director.

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