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Wanda Michelle Interiors: Making your Home your Castle

Our Hyde Park Renovation Project

What makes a home into a ‘castle’? Security? Privacy? Luxury? Well, all of these, of course – but there’s so much more. In this edition we look at how we at Wanda Michelle Interiors  applied common design sense to sculpt a regal living space in this Hyde Park renovation project.

Creating Character

When we speak of the home as a ‘castle’, we obviously don’t mean a literal castle with fortified walls, moats and armaments, fluttering flags and queens waving from the balustrades. Instead, we envision a place where you feel like royalty; an environment you don’t really want to leave.

Notwithstanding the above, there is a little nod to the actual castles of yore in this Hyde Park wonder, with its imposing walls, turret-like features and its big, bold entrance. This grandeur is continued throughout the home and is the character upon which the design rests.

Despite the distinct modernity, this project also exudes an ‘Olde Worlde’ stateliness with assertive lines, established landscaping and judicious use of artistic features.

The Majesty Within

Upon entering, you feel the continuance of that luxury in the winding marble staircase and the open, flowing interior. In the dining area, this creates the spacious, elegant impression of a banquet hall. One can just about imagine the clinking of glasses and the echoes of laughter, friendship and family.

To balance the openness, the neutral palette lends a solid, ‘set-in-stone’ feel to the house. Despite the split levels, there is also the sturdiness of the pillars and balconies that hold the spaces together.

These themes flow into the master bedroom where the king-size bed has place for a queen. Again, the lines and colour are bold and strong while extended mirrors increase the sense of space and openness. The luxury here is subtle and peaceful.

On the Way Out

For us, it was important to extend the living space into the outdoors, rather than treat them as separate areas. Taking advantage of South Africa’s temperate climate allows us to include the grounds as an integral part of this ‘castle’. Dining and entertaining take place both inside and out, often at the same time.

While the house seems to open up to the outside, it also feels as if the garden and pool are reaching in towards the house. Furthermore, the strong, round trunks of the palm trees echo the pillars that support this turnkey renovation.

Other outdoor areas also reflect this careful design balance. Umbrellas stretch like those very same palms, providing extra shade, while carefully accented cushions mirror the blue of the pool below and (usually) the sky above.

To Sum Up

When renovating or building the ‘castle of your dreams’, remember to breathe into the project the character you want to see come out of it. Every person’s ideal home is unique, so establish clearly what yours should feel like.

Then be sure to tie all the design elements around this central character. Not every room needs to look identical, but there should be a common thread that runs through the home – and even out of it.

Finally, when you’re finished, own it and enjoy it like royalty. You deserve it.

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