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Vote for Audi Snÿman Interior Design – International Design & Architecture Awards 2021

Audi Snÿman Interior Design has been shortlisted in the prestigious internationally acclaimed International Design & Architecture Awards based in the United Kingdom. Audi’s work includes a portfolio of magnificent interiors including homes, boutique hotels, lodges, private dwellings and corporate working environments. It’s no wonder that she has been shortlisted at these esteemed global awards.

Let’s take a closer look…

Gorgeously Grand

The Gorgeously Grand Home Project by Audi Snyman Interior Design has been shortlisted in both the Residential and Interior Design Categories of The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Audi Snyman Interior Design’s project is a 1800m2, 2 storey home with additional basement cinema and 2 double garages. Set in the 2000-acre exclusive, luxurious private lifestyle estate of Steyn City, where state-of-the-art private homes house local and international residents from all over the world, this residence combines home comfort and opulence.

The designer faced the task of merging the South African and Welsh cultures of the owners. She also needed to incorporate their differing tastes in the design of their dream home. Balancing modernity with tradition, and family-friendly design with the ability to entertain, was at the forefront of Audi Snyman’s design. The various entertainment areas required consideration so that they could be integrated and suited to all family members. The open-plan kitchen/dining area is perfect for entertaining as it flows seamlessly into the outside area, overlooking the pool.

Each element of Audi Snyman Interior Design’s concept carried luxury. The furniture had to be comfortable, indulgent, and unique. The bathrooms are elegant with clean lines and luxurious finishings. The symmetric entranceway and double-curved staircase are impactful, leaving a lasting memory for each guest. Artisan craftsmanship is found throughout; in the outdoor sculpture water feature, fine art, customised wallpaper, and bespoke lighting piece in the dining room which became a great conversation piece during gatherings.

The clients wanted a neutral colour tone in the home with luxurious textures and accent colours. This subsequently needed to run throughout the home. Audi then built upon this with textures with other colours to enhance, warm or add opulence to the ambience. Certain areas were made unique. Blue was his favourite colour and so blue tones have been included in the scheme. The childrens’ bedrooms reflect their personalities, whilst the wife’s study and husband’s elevated lounge have been customised to match their needs.

Shimmers of Hope

Audi Snyman Interior Design has further been shortlisted for Shimmers of Hope, featured within the Gorgeously Grand Project, for a Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The designer created a custom chandelier for this home which encapsulates the client’s design brief and the importance of social responsibility.

The dining room chandelier is manufactured from recycled glass and strung together to create a unique and beautiful light fixture. The glass was purchased from trolley-pushing recyclers and then processed to create a smooth finish, thereby providing job creation, whilst also conserving the environment. Other featured pieces of glass originate from bottles manufactured by a leading beverage company who are the previous employer of the owner, thereby provoking memories, nostalgia, and scintillating campfire storytelling.

Symmetry, style, and elegance were main factors of the brief. Audi Snyman Interior Design integrated not only these aspects but also the client’s request of an entertainment focussed home into the chandelier design. The differing shapes and sizes of the glass create mesmerising reflections across the room. The open plan kitchen/dining area is perfect for entertainment; with the lighting fixture positioned above the dining room table it has become a great conversation piece at dinner parties. The piece generates a wind-chime effect when a light breeze blows through the house, creating a soft reverberating sound with a calming and capturing affect.

Vote for Audi Snyman Interior Design

The voting process is arguably the most valuable part of being shortlisted for these awards as thousands of industry professionals will be considering and selecting their winners.

We appeal to you to support our own local talent by voting for Audi’s project, Gorgeously Grand in all three shortlisted categories.

The voting page has been split into two sections. The Interior Design categories, and the Residential Property Categories.

Audi Snÿman Interior Design’s 3 shortlisted projects can be found in the following categories:

  • The Gorgeously Grand project can be found in the RESIDENTIAL £1-2.5 MILLION (PROJECT BY VALUE) in the Interior Design Categories
  • The Gorgeously Grand project can be found in the RESIDENTIAL £1-2.5 MILLION (PROPERTY BY VALUE) in the Residential Property Categories
  • Shimmers of Hope, featured in The Gorgeously Grand project, can be found in the Lighting Piece Award in the Interior Design Categories

Follow the link HERE TO VOTE and remember to check out Audi’s amazing portfolio of work on the website www.audisnyman.co.za.


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