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Top Design Advice From B3 Concept Design And Interiors

We hear from professional designer Brendan Schnetler from B3 Concept Design and Interiors about how to maximise the design style of your home. B3 Concept Design and Interiors specialises in Residential and Commercial Interior Design as well as eye-catching ad-hoc furniture installations.

What tips can you offer to those of us wanting to add a homely touch to our residences?

Keep your choices simple and always work with a neutral base colour pallet. With the constant increase of change around us one can easily adapt your environment seasonally to match current trends so having a neutral base will give you this flexibility.

Green Living is a significant trend in design globally. How can we make practical changes in the way we design and decorate homes to make them more sustainable?

Up-cycling is key in this instance. Repurpose furniture items and accessories that you already have or could find in second- hand stores and consider talking to various green approved specialists that can assist you with your choice of energy efficient lighting, appliances, material choices and installation specifications.

What are some of the best ways to increase the value of your property through interior design?

Depending on the size of your property you could create a fully furnished separate entrance to let out and generate an additional income which in turn allows you to finance the upgrades on the property.

There are three main areas which are key spaces that everyone should always focus on: kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms. Always stick to basic quality fittings and fixtures that are timeless. This allows a potential buyer to take immediate interest in your property.

What about those on a budget?

Budget-driven design is probably one of the most challenging tasks an individual can be faced with and allows endless opportunity to challenge the creative thinking process. Keep your base simple and inexpensive and incorporate two or three key feature pieces in the space to really make a statement. Look around the house and find items that might work better in another space, for example: you will be surprised how different a simple piece of art will look in another space!

What inspires you as a professional designer and what trends are you currently excited about?

As a designer I’m inspired by many natural elements that make-up the fundamentals of design. Overall the ability to literally change one’s emotive state plays a large role in keeping me motivated to do what I do. Walking in on the clients’ first impressions after the work has been completed and seeing the ‘wow’ reaction on their faces is priceless.

I’m currently excited to see how the future of technology will be incorporated into modern interiors. This is the way forward as we move towards the automated future. With this, the increase of creative materials also expands the choice options for us as designers.

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