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The Palace: A Colourful Eclectic Project in Saudi Arabia

Enter a modern-day palace in beautiful Saudi Arabia. Here you’ll find the perfect blend of eclecticism, colour and texture, designed by international firm UDesign and kitted out with luxury Covet House furniture. 


As a global interior design studio based in Marbella, Spain, UDesign is known for its inspiring and innovative designs for both residential and commercial projects. With an understanding of luxury homes, they have taken to Saudi Arabia to bring refined elegance to a beautiful residence known as ‘The Palace’.

If architecture and interior design are to be truly defined as an art form, this is it, the stunning new palace in Saudi Arabia. Extraordinary in scope and eclecticism, the stunning new project is truly something from a fairy-tale, a marvellous project featuring Covet House’s pieces.

Its clean, linear form is softened with spectacular landscaping in the shape of a series of gardens that wrap around and continue inside the home. Some houses are so unlike anything we’ve seen before, so extraordinarily beautiful, that they could, with a forgivable amount of hyperbole, be called works of art.

Everything is done on a grand scale in this space. Pops of beautiful purple add colour and interest. This accent colour runs through the entire home and ties everything together beautifully. Metallic accents further hint at the sheer magnificence and luxury of this interior. Furthermore, large open spaces make for elegant living – both indoors and out.

Furthermore, UDesign strives to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials. Their motivation is to exceed the expectations of clients through creativity and attention to detail. This couldn’t be more evident as it is in this glorious ‘Palace’.

As a result, this ‘Palace’ oozes majesty and certainly carries that wow factor that exceeds expectations.

Find inspiration online at Covet House.


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  1. John Autard

    May 20, 2021

    Really nice!!!


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