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Stylish Blend: Metals and Textures Combined by Artep Studio

The year 2024 ushers in an era where the blending of metals and textures takes centre stage in luxury home design. Using mixed metals in interior design reflects a boldness to break away from monochromatic themes, allowing homeowners and designers to play with a spectrum of colours and finishes. Each type of metal, from the sleek sheen of brushed titanium to the inviting warmth of rose gold, introduces a unique element to the environment. Be Inspired with Artep Studio.


The Rise of Metals: A Trend to Watch

Incorporating diverse textures alongside metals enhances the visual and tactile appeal of a space. Imagine entering a room where the subtle shine of white bronze contrasts with the raw feel of a rock accent wall, or where the polished finish of platin highlights the texture of a fluffy rug. This blend doesn’t just look good; it also stimulates the senses.



Liquid Metal: A Fresh Take on Design

Traditional metals have their limitations. Liquid Metal moves beyond these constraints. We are very excited to share that we have partnered with MIDAS Metall®, the world’s leading manufacturer of liquid metal products. At Artep Studio, we blend artistry with technology to create real metal finishes which are visually stunning and durable. This technique adheres to an almost unlimited variety of substrates, allowing for versatile shapes. The material can be polished, textured, or aged like traditional metal. Our innovative approach opens up customization possibilities, producing unique products in various metals and alloys. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our finishes transform surfaces into one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

For those passionate about design, architecture, or the beauty of metal in all its forms, we invite you to discover more at DECOREX Africa CTICC Cape Town, from 06 – 09, June 2024, at Stand E07, where we are excited to participate in an exclusive collaboration with Lexus.

Contact: Artep Studio

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