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Spotlight: Wanda Michelle Interiors

The interior design industry in South Africa continues to evolve. We’re seeing more innovation and creativity than ever before. We chat to Wanda Michelle Hadlow from Wanda Michelle Interiors about the latest inspirations and how the design industry continues to take shape in South Africa.


How would you describe your personal style?

At home – low key and gentle. For clients – elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

In our Twenty Year Luxe edition of our portfolio, we have used the slogan “The Artistry of Elegant Design”. I would say this sums up our brand and what we strive to achieve.

What sets your brand apart in the industry at the moment?

Our commitment to “Going the Distance”. This means just giving that bit extra on all fronts, holding the clients’ hand throughout their design and build process, becoming their back-up and always returning. That, coupled with our timeless and entirely bespoke approach to design is what sets us apart.

What is the most recent purchase you’ve made for your home?

A few black and white striped, and green and black, oversized lumbar cushions for my patio, together with some black and white beaded objets. I had just framed my husband’s black and white watercolours that he painted many years back, in a very contemporary, black aluminium frame, and placed them above our braai. They looked gorgeous and I just simply had to give our entire patio a facelift. When we design, we try, as far as possible, to remain neutral in tone with all the big ticket items – sofa’s, chairs, curtains and so forth, whilst bringing in pops of colour and expensive fabrics on scatter cushions and throws and artwork. In this manner you’re able to update your look simply and easily, without throwing huge amounts of money on replacing expensive furnishings. We were hosting our wedding and my birthday party, and in one quick sweep, I transformed our entertainment space dramatically!

What one design element, trend or furniture item can you not live without.

I am an avid fan of a well-designed, retro-inspired Side-Board or Buffet… it’s so rewarding to design and place in a room as a focal point and its uses are so diverse – from Whiskey Cabinet  to Dining Side-Board or simply a stylish entrance piece, it’s a beautiful addition to any space.

What design influence has had the greatest influence on your work and business?

I’m all for sophistication and elegance in design and as such draw influence from the old-timers, the crooners, from R&B and Soul, from the boldness of Art Deco to the simplicity of Contemporary Living.

What has been one of the most challenging projects you have worked on?

Wow – that’s a tough one. Given that we are passionate about renovating, about transforming the old into new and redefining space, every renovation brings about its own challenges. And every project brings about a new opportunity to learn and to grow and to rise above the challenge in the pursuit of mastery.

How would you describe the design industry in South Africa at present?

The design industry has been deeply impacted by our economic and political challenges of the past few years and sadly, more and more designers and/or design companies have felt a terrible pinch. That being said, it’s true of South Africans, as a rule, that we do not step down or shy away but instead dig deeper to become more inventive, more creative and, above all else, welcome the challenge as a time to shine through individuality and adaptability. I see that in the inventiveness and boldness coming out of South African Designers.

What trends do you think we should keep an eye on in upcoming seasons?

Look out for ever-bolder patterns in even brighter, more eclectic colour combinations, and… (I’m not so sure I buy into this), the return of cane and rattan.

What exciting projects do you have planned within the next year?

We have some more work coming up in the hospitality sector, with an island, beach hotel resort in the offing, a boutique hotel conversion planned, and more offshore work.

Any special awards or milestones?

We have however been featured in several magazines, on Top Billing and Home Channel and will be featuring on Finest Homes in the new year. It is our intention to submit a few of our latest projects and bespoke furniture for competition in 2020. Our work is inviting more and more accolades and interest internationally and is certainly worthy of awards.

From imagination to reality

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Posted by Wanda-Michelle Interiors on Thursday, 3 October 2019

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