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Spotlight: Up Close & Personal With Kevin Rossi

Kevin Rossi studio creates interiors that captivate and inspire. At the helm, Kevin Rossi shares a professional attitude and innate passion for beautiful spaces, whether residential, commercial or within the hospitality industry. We had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Rossi Brand Ambassador for IID ( The African Institute of the Interior Design Profession)  what makes him tick and the role of a designer in 2020.

What’s your role at Kevin Rossi Design?

As the founder of Kevin Rossi Design, I work together with my creative teams to create, plan and transform a strategic vision for clients. I conceptualise and drive the entire creative process and guide teams that are involved within our projects.

Fundamentally, what does an interior designer do? What are your everyday responsibilities when working on a project?

As a former student from Greenside Design Center, once during a lecture, my professor told us, that an interior designer can manoeuvre the experience for anyone within space.

With that said, my sole responsibility as an interior designer is to create and transform spaces, that captivate and inspire and in short that will be my life.

What are the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior decoration involves decorating and furnishing the interiors of rooms, homes, offices, focusing on accessories and movable items within the space. Think colour schemes, wallpaper, drapes, sofas, rugs and lamps.

Interior design (or interior architecture) is the art of designing and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors within a space beyond simply the look and feel of a room. Interior design provides a more turnkey solution including moving and removing interior walls, as well as elements such as tiles , fittings and fixtures, including all decoration to completion. This creative influence on structural and architectural details add additional complexity to the interior design disciple.

Kevin Rossi design, is proud to offer both of these services to the industry.

What do people commonly misunderstand about your line of work?

Interior design is mostly a female profession or why hire an interior designer? I can do it myself!….. There are many misunderstandings around interior design. Another example, recently I was approached by a person who said that their new property investment is not worthy of design!

The truth is, this profession is open for any sex! There are rules and regulations in place that an interior designer has to adhere too for the safety and wellbeing for every client as well as the designer.

Further, Interior Designers are natural problem solvers that can work with any space, including those with limited means.

How do you work with a client to define their needs?

This is good question! In the beginning a client has a basic understanding of what they need or what they expect from an interior designer. The reality is, as the interior designer, I first observe the relationship between the client within the space, or the space within the client. It will outline what the client really needs or attempts to achieve here. Once this has been established, the way forward is easy.  Again, natural problem solvers!

Where do you find everyday inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from the infinite, the absolute and contradictory truths of existence vs creation itself. This gives me the ability to see beyond the physicality, which is all so wonderful!

Find out more at Kevin Rossi.

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