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Spotlight: Meet Designer Sharon Sager

With over 30 years of experience in architectural design, interior design and decorating, Sharon Sager is an icon in the design community. As the head of Sager and Associates, she continues to leave her mark and has done so on over 200 award-winning projects. Today we chat with Sharon about her own design inspirations and the future of the industry.

Sharon, what inspires you and drives your design decisions?

Interacting and building a strong relationship with our clients. This also drives us to show the client what is possible. We are always driven to unleash the design possibilities of a space. Visualising and excitement of seeing the end product!

In your opinion, what is a good design?

Something that’s appealing and functional. Good design is timeless.

Why use a designer and what does a designer add to the process?

A designer creates a polished look, speeds up the process and gives a client a different perspective of what’s possible and how to repurpose space. Furthermore, designers add value to properties.

How do you combine beauty and function into the interiors that you create?

By careful planning and by using interesting furniture and oversized works of art.

What is more important, aesthetics or functionality?

Both are extremely important for excellent design

Have you ever had to compromise on one?

No, as we would not undertake that project.

What do you see for the future of design?

Spaces will become multifunctional.

What are you working on at the moment?

A beautiful beach home.

What is your favourite book/magazine on design?

Kelly Hoppen and Piet Boon.

You have a vast portfolio. What are you most proud of?

We are most proud of our simplicity and timelessness. It makes us happy to create spaces that our client’s love.

A place you visited to unwind in Africa?


Your favourite restaurant?


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