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SHF Home Collaborates With Arch Interiors In Striking Umhlanga Development

Beautifying spaces and creating inspired interiors has become a way of life for the team from SHF Home. We recently had the opportunity to chat to Riaan Le Roux, Gallery Sales Liaison at SHF Home about the company’s recent projects and that which continues to inspire the brand.


We particularly wanted to find out about their latest involvement in Umhlanga Arch – a premium property development that continues to set new trends with stylish interiors that inspire.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very versatile and I can easily adapt to clients’ needs. This is a vital tool in the industry to understand and listen. Once this is accomplished the creative side becomes so much easier.

What qualities define your brand?
SHF  Home prides themselves in having a product ration of 70% Local South African manufacturing. Our aim is to achieve a 80/20 ratio for 2020. Quality, efficiency and amazing teamwork in all of our departments plays an important role. Our pricing on products has also become a very important key factor, which allows people from all income brackets to enjoy our beautiful products.

What sets your brand apart in the industry at the moment?
There are very few companies that have such a large creative variety in design under one roof. We pride ourselves in trying to acknowledge and create for all our customer needs. Quality, service and continuous innovation most definitely makes SHF Home one of the leaders in the market.

What is the most recent purchase you’ve made for your home and why?
I purchased an antique Indian carved door for my garden which is approximately 150 years old. I am a total pushover when it comes to historical pieces with beautiful stories.

What one design element, trend or furniture item can you not live without?
Detail. Every piece or objet I have has an amazing story to tell with attention to detail. My most favourite piece is an antique desk with colourful wood inlay work.

Tell us about the Umhlanga Arch project you recently collaborated on…

In partnership with Arch Interiors,  SHF Home recently collaborated on Umhlanga Arch, a premier mixed-use and people-centred property development situated on the slopes of Umhlanga’s Ridgeside in KZN. I worked for 10 months in collaboration with Umhlanga Arch on this. The images within this post are of the two show units. We worked on a low, middle and high end costing package for three-floor designs (1 bed, loft and 2-bed apartments) in light and dark interior options. A website has been developed for owners to browse and build their own styled interiors package.

What has been one of the most challenging projects you have worked on?
International installations are always the most challenging as timing is extremely important. There are many elements one has no control over which can jeopardise months of work and planning. I did a villa in France a few years ago and everything was done on time. And then mother nature stepped in and the containers were delayed by two weeks. Needless to say 18 hour working days stepped in to catch up lost time.

What design influence has had the greatest influence on your work and business?
My life experience plays an important role and this helps me to separate personal likes and dislikes when I am creative.

How would you describe the design industry in South Africa at present?
I think the creativity in South Africa is amazing. We as a nation are developing our creativity on a daily basis, which is becoming more and more on an international standard.

What trends do you think we should keep an eye on in upcoming seasons?
Wellbeing, sustainability and comfort are the most important trends that play a huge role in the design industry.

What exciting projects do you have planned within the next year?
There are huge projects coming up for 2020. We are working on amazing things in all of Africa, Germany and France to mention a few.

Find out more about Umhlanga Arch at Arch Interiors and visit SHF Home for all your decor and furniture needs.

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