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Pro Renovation Tips From Audi Snÿman Interior Design

If you love design, you’ll absolutely love these easy-to-follow interior tips from the professional herself, Audi Snÿman. With an eye for detail and elegant interiors, Audi continues to inspire with her inviting and curated design style.


#1. Plan for the future…

Clever, yet functional designs, sustainability and respect for conservation, as well as upcycling where possible, are all imperative when planning interiors for today and the future. These culminate in quality homes with invested interiors. We all need to do our bit for the planet and the future of mankind in a responsible manner.

Audi Snÿman Interior Design offers clients a full turnkey solution service. This is essential to ensuring a smooth planning and implementation process.

“Critical planning is essential early on in the building process. This is where experience really counts. We know the tricks of the trade. We know who our trusted suppliers are. Experience is knowledge and skill gained over time – essential for the seamless creation or transformation of a space from conception all the way through to completion.”

#2. How to safely choose bespoke options…

When it comes to bespoke solutions, it is so important to make the time to take your client to the supplier and plan it all together. This will ensure the client gets exactly what they want – a bespoke item that is unique, personalised and talks to their lifestyle.

Lighting and bulkhead designs can only be finalized once the space planning, cupboard designs, spa, gym, wine cellar, bar or cinemas have been confirmed. Ensuring that your lighting and bulkhead designs are finalised at the correct stage of the project is crucial to the building process.

#3. Communicate your design needs effectively

Good listening allows designers to demonstrate that they are paying attention to the thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviours of the other person, namely distinguished clients. Not only listening to clients, but spending time and getting to know them is just as important.

“Clients want to have something unique in their homes. Our intimate understanding of the art of ‘making a place beautiful’, and everything it entails, allows us to create living spaces that speak to the unique individuals that own them. We listen to you, and create a space that is a reflection of your personality, your dreams, your desires and your aspirations. We then create a home for you, where you are at ease to be yourself, and excited to share these spaces with those you invite across your threshold.” – Audi Snÿman

#4. Why is the planning phase of design so important?

Honing a style down to its very essence, understanding the aspirations and dreams of the client – this is what stage 1 of planning an interior design project is all about. Get the look and feel desired by the client. Determine the space planning of each room – decide on the shapes and sizes for furniture for each space.

Make sure it all works together seamlessly, to create a home that is exclusive, sophisticated, luxurious and unique.

The more you know, the better you can design. It all starts with planning. In stage 1, whilst you are determining the space planning, you also need to consider the design of the built-in, vanity and kitchen cupboards simultaneously. This is essential for finalising the basics. Plumbing points, electrical points, style of bulkheads, appliance inclusion, flooring details, wall details, and sanitary ware.

Planning this stage efficiently and effectively will subsequently culminate into creating relaxing, unique, contemporary and luxurious spaces of superior quality.

#5. Consider the ‘behind-the-scenes’ fixtures that will impact your design

Electrical points are an integral part of designing and planning in stage 1 of an interior design project. You need to consider electrical points and special light features for all electrical items, from the various kinds of lamps, or featured artworks, to plug points for desks, pedestals, headboards, kitchen appliances, wall plugs, floor plugs – the list is endless. Electrical points should be designed and planned upfront.

#6. What top tips can you offer for the design of a new bathroom?

The process of choosing lighting for a bathroom design can be overwhelming. The vanity mirror, bath tub area and shower all require different lighting choices, but the bathroom’s overall design still needs to feel stylish and cohesive, reflecting what your client desires.

“Vanity mirrors should have exceptional lighting or natural light – proper lighting – a well-lit vanity mirror can make a statement and set the tone for the bathroom’s design.” – Audi Snÿman

#7: Let your designs evolve

Fill your home with the essentials and allow it to grow on you over time. Collect items that keep your memories alive, that represent where you come from and tell your life story. It’s like building a puzzle. Let it take time and just absorb and enjoy the journey of designing your ultimate dream home. It should reflect who you are. Spend your money wisely, buy only what you need. My advice is to always start by buying the right thing, it may cost more, but quality is key.

Design your house in such a way that you can provide for changes in your family – especially if you have children. Your home should evolve as the needs of your family unfold. Plan properly upfront. Use the services of experienced, mature interior designers and architects. They need to understand the needs of a maturing family. Planning is crucial.

About Audi

Did you know that Audi Snÿman’s artistic talent blossomed from the very young age of only six years old? Inspired and influenced by her mother and grandmother, Audi’s extraordinary creative talent was evident in the needle work, decoupage, macramé, knitting and paper mâché creations she so lovingly created from this tender age.

Today Audi Snÿman is internationally renowned through following her lifelong passion for interior design, transforming her natural talent into a thriving business, embracing creativity, resilience and her passion for beautiful spaces.

If your dream is to create a beautiful, exclusive, bespoke, premium, luxurious, sophisticated and unique home, hotel or lodge, then this is the designer to speak to!

Audi Snÿman in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2021. Find out more about her work HERE.

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