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Plascon House Tour: A Steel Home

Typically a cold, sterile and urban material, steel has added a whole new dimension to this contemporary designer home. The owner’s love of all things steel sees the material transposed into every area of the home. Instead of it feeling cold and uninviting, the opposite is true, as the layout and decor, centred around beautiful steel installations, bring about a modern warmth that is simply fascinating.

In the living room, a steel fireplace is a showstopper – an unconventional yet striking feature in this space. Complemented by an oversized steel coffee table, and the reflective grey tones create a beautiful base for the colour scheme in this room. Pops of coral and red, as well as a traditional brown leather sofa, add intrigue here. Quirky yet appealing, the kitchen is another space that incorporates steel in an unconventional manner, complete with vaulted steel door as part of the kitchen’s overall appeal. Thankfully, the space is well lit, with natural lighting and stand-out red pendants that bring a sense of style to this otherwise monochromatic scheme. An industrial table takes centre stage in the dining room – resembling the construction of a modern steel bridge. It adds an urban flair to this contemporary room and is beautifully paired with metallic chairs that add a touch of vibrancy to this space. Designers have even found a way to incorporate this material into the bedroom by coming up with innovative storage solutions custom-built into the wall next to the bed. Opening up as a nifty bedside storage space, the steel is set against a backdrop of white for a modern, yet quirky addition to this master suite. The headboard is another wonderful custom creation that blends in with the overall love affair with steel that is evident in every room. The bathroom is sleek and modern. Panelled glass adds depth here and crisp white cabinets give this space a fresh and contemporary feel. The bathroom sink, however, is the main feature in this space – a beautiful oval rendition that is out of the ordinary and simply magical. Contact: Plascon Via

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