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Plascon House Tour: An Ode To Greenery

In all its forms, greenery is a superb addition to any interior. The presence of plants and greens bring with it a freshness that is hard to duplicate in any other way. Today’s house tour takes us into the home of a plant lover who eagerly celebrates all things green in this modern home.

The mix of colours and textures in the living room is a work of art – there are subtle hints of teal and slate with deeper shades of navy blue and mustard in a variety of textures and applications. From carefully positioned scatters and rugs to a knitted pouffe on the floor. And then we have the beautiful blend of plains and stripes, cotton, fur and wool, which all sing together in this homely space. Greenery too is the real winner here, with gorgeous selections of potted plants in every area of this home. Paired with vintage and distressed wooden furniture, the space gains a lived-in and rustic charm that is very appealing. In an extension of the owner’s fascination with greenery, the kitchen is painted in a bold green shade that is rather relaxing in this space. Together with an array of plant specimens and modern stainless steel appliances, the kitchen comes alive in a modern design that is also an ode to the natural beauty of greenery. The bedroom continues the trend with a mossy green paint on the walls creating a modern backdrop against a white ceiling. Green is a lively colour, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. As a natural shade that reminds us of nature and the outdoors, green also has the ability to create balance, calm and harmony, as it does in this stylish bedroom. The bathroom is bright and refreshing. Instead of a continuation of green walls, the owner has opted for a crisp white backdrop to her glorious infusion of natural plants and rustic pieces, with a striking artwork that further hints at the natural world. We also love the metallic planter above the toilet – a clever use of what could have been dead space in this bathroom which oozes a natural and fresh atmosphere. CONTACT: Plascon Via

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