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Craft Your Cosy with DIYgirls: Top Tips for a Personalised Reading Nook

Carve out your own quiet corner at home and create a personalised reading nook with top tips from the design team at DIYgirls. Today they’re sharing all the inside info to crafting a space where comfort, ambience, and the promise of literary adventure intertwine.

In the daily whirlwind of work, errands, and social obligations, finding a quiet corner to unwind and get lost in a good book can make for some much-needed relaxation. Vinette Nicholls from interior design studio DIYgirls believes that creating a cosy reading nook isn’t just about aesthetics (not that a touch of luxury ever hurts!), it’s about fostering an environment for serenity, mental well-being, and a deeper connection with the stories we love. Crafting a personalised space dedicated to reading not only enhances the beauty of your home but also encourages a healthy habit that can reduce stress, improve focus and ignite your imagination.

From selecting the perfect furniture pieces to adding personal touches that reflect your unique style, here are DIYgirls’ top seven tips for crafting the ultimate cosy reading nook:

 Choose the Right Location

 The perfect nook doesn’t need to be grand. It could be a quiet corner in your bedroom, a sunny spot by the window or even a cosy alcove under the stairs. Aim for a quiet corner, away from the high-traffic areas of your home to ensure minimal distractions. Look for a space with good natural light and close proximity to your favourite reading material (if this already has a designated space in your home).

Seating for Serenity

A comfortable chair that provides adequate support for extended reading sessions is a necessity for any reading nook. Whether you opt for a plush occasional chair, a built-in bench or even a luxurious chaise lounge (like our Jive Chaise), comfort is key! Find a seat with ergonomic features that align with your preferred reading posture, whether that’s seated, curled up or reclining.

Though comfort may be your main priority, that doesn’t mean style has to take a backseat! When selecting a piece of furniture, keep your room’s overall decor in mind. Opt for fabrics, materials and colours that complement your existing furniture and create a cohesive look. Consider adding scatter cushions or a soft throw for added cosiness (and aesthetic appeal). 

Maximise Storage

Utilising multifunctional furniture pieces with built-in storage can help maintain a tidy and organised reading nook. Consider incorporating a storage ottoman or bench, like our Kigalia Storage Box or Eiffel Storage Bench, which not only provides ample room to store your literary treasures but also doubles as cosy spots to prop up your feet as you immerse yourself in a captivating story.

Customise with Colour

When it comes to crafting the perfect reading nook, colour plays a crucial role in setting the mood. Opt for a colour scheme that evokes a sense of tranquillity and complements the existing décor of your space. Soft neutrals, calming blues and earthy greens are known for their abilities to create serene environments that are perfect for relaxation or focused reading.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these colour schemes are incorporated into a number of wallpaper prints in our Birds & Botanical Wallpaper collection.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the outdoors in by featuring pot plants, fresh flowers and other elements from nature in your space to add a sense of warmth and vitality. Make use of natural textures like wood and stone to introduce depth and visual interest. Low-maintenance plants that thrive in indirect sunlight are recommended to ensure that your new nook’s look is sustainable.

 The current trend of biophilic design (incorporating natural elements into interior spaces) goes beyond aesthetics. Studies have shown that increased exposure to nature can reduce stress, improve mood and even enhance cognitive function.

Layer Textures:

Incorporating a variety of textures into any space stimulates the senses and adds depth and visual interest to make it more inviting.

Plush throws and scatter cushions in luxurious materials like velvet, wool or faux fur create an inviting environment, while natural materials like wood, ceramics and woven baskets add warmth and organic charm. Mixing textures, from smooth and soft to rough and rugged, creates visual interest, preventing a space from feeling flat or one-dimensional. 

In addition to adding to the texture, curtains, rugs, cushions and soft surfaces absorb sound, creating a quieter environment that is more conducive to concentration and reflection – perfect for getting lost in a captivating story.

Personalise Your Paradise:

Make your reading nook a reflection of your unique style and preferences by infusing it with personalised touches. Hang artwork, inspirational quotes or cherished photographs to add personality and charm. Embrace your individuality by incorporating decor items that resonate with you like cosy rugs, scented candles, vibrant scatter cushions, bespoke side tables or a vase of fresh flowers for a touch of life. Every element should tell a story about you!

Then, grab a book, settle into your favourite spot and get lost in the magic of stories. After all, a well-designed reading nook is an invitation to unwind, unplug, and get swept away on a literary adventure.

Happy reading!

Create your own cosy reading nook at home. Find more inspiration at DIYgirls.

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