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Mathieu Lehanneur’s Musée D’Orsay Airbnb in Paris

As Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympics, the city of lights and love has unveiled a new design wonder – a one-time-only chance to stay over in the city’s Musée D’Orsay clock room


Designer Mathieu Lehanneur, creator of the Paris Olympic torch and cauldron designs, has transformed the space into an ultra-luxe Airbnb apartment, available for one night only on 26 July.

Coinciding with the start of the Olympics, the apartment comes with the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony from the building’s rooftop along with an exclusive tour of the art museum.

“I’ve crafted a unique space that is both romantic and contemporary, intimate yet sumptuous,” says the designer, who used many of his designs, including the curvaceous ‘Familyscape’ sofas, ’Trinity’ side tables, and ‘Guernica’ pendant lights, in the space.


“I wanted to combine opposites to create a place that was both intimate and monumental, historic yet firmly contemporary,” he adds. “I designed the entire room around the clock; even the wood-panelled ceiling curves to follow the course of the hands.”

Encased with wood, the space exudes warmth and luxury, with the bed perfectly positioned beneath the glass and steel clock face, which offers spectacular views over the city. Contemporary touches include the addition of the Olympic torch design in an illuminated alcove, a finely crafted leather punchbag for “a personal sporting touch” and marble dumbbells in a nod to the Olympic spirit.


Of the project, the designer says: “I’ve always loved working on landmarks and iconic places. History never stands still. You must bring it to life through projects like this one.”

The apartment will be available to book on Airbnb from 21 May 2024.

(Image credits: Frederik Vercruysse. Courtesy Airbnb)


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