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Kleine Oude: Historical Gem Transformed into Luxurious Black Pearl Residence

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea Village, Cape Town, Kleine Oude is a remarkable historical homestead with a fascinating past. This historical gem has been transformed into a luxurious residence thanks to Black Pearl Interior Design.

Associated with the historic Kleine Oude Farmstead, this 200-year-old stable was first given a new lease on life in 1933 when it underwent a transformation by the visionary architect, Julius Lonstein.

However, Kleine Oude’s rich history dates back to the early-mid 19th century, evidenced by the annual price of 4 Shillings and 6 Pence Sterling tagged to the subject erf upon re-grant to James Luke Church. The structure underwent several alterations and renovations over the years. The 1888 city map reveals its existence alongside another larger structure, indicating its historical significance.


The Julius Lonstein’s 1933 Renovation:

The 1933 renovation marked a significant turning point in its history. The L-shaped stable was adapted into a double-story residence with careful attention to retaining its original charm. Lonstein allowed the building to retain its “temperamental” character, creating a unique and inviting living space.


Preserving Heritage with Black Pearl Interiors:

Kleine Oude is a testament to the creative artistry and dedication of The Black Pearl project team , who took on the task of preserving this history and adapting it to modern living. The restoration process was carried out meticulously, adding brick piers for additional support and using 8,500 bundles of thatch to maintain its authentic charm.


Kleine Oude is a living testament to its past, preserved with care and respect. The fusion of historical charm with practical living showcases the delicate balance between the past and the present, making Kleine Oude a true treasure to behold in Cape Town’s architectural landscape.

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