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Up Close & Personal with WMI

Wanda-Michelle Interiors (WMI) is in the business of setting design standards high. As a modern interiors design studio with over 20 years of experience, the team specialises in interior design and décor, renovations and space planning. We recently chatted to  Managing Creative  Director Wanda Hadlow about their company and the principles of design.

Managing Creative  Director Wanda Hadlow

Here is what she had to share…

In your opinion, what constitutes a good design?

Whilst I do believe that good design is entirely subjective, to me, within a home, flow, synergy and sophistication make for a good start. It’s the layering and combining of all the elements within an environment to evoke a sensorial experience, a harmonious reprieve from the challenges of everyday life.

What do you think an interior designer has to offer? Why use one?

A designer considers a project in a holistic manner, designing and directing all the parts to effortlessly flow toward the whole. This is done in a manner that interprets clients’ needs and translates their dreams into something tangible.



How do you combine beauty and function into the interiors that you create?

We create a functional and versatile framework, being all the finishes and built-in elements to an environment. These are the essentials to create the level of comfort one would expect in a modern, upmarket home. And then to dress all of that up with beautiful, bespoke furnishings, art and sculptures. Whilst we never create clutter, wherever you rest your eye there will be a detail that piques your interest and your curiosity.



What inspires you and drives your design decisions?

I find inspiration all around me, in colour, texture, shape, in beautiful furniture. But ultimately we have to be inspired by our clients, by their dreams and vision, and their aspirations for their living environment. It’s important to get into a clients’ psyche, to interpret their personality and their needs.

What do you see for the future of design?

I see a move back toward Glam and Sophistication, to free-standing statement pieces.

What are you working on at the moment?

Probably our biggest project to date. Our client has said “Create something I’ve never seen”. Naturally though, this creation has to remain within his aesthetic demands – sophistication and opulence being foremost in his expectations. This represents such a challenge, gets us thinking out of the box and designing unique pieces that will, again, set us apart.

What is your favourite project?

Our current project is the most inspiring and one in Bantry Bay that we’re close to handing over.

What field of design are you most interested in?

Luxury Residential

What is your favourite book/magazine on design?


How about your favourite design site?

Brabbu Design Forces

What is more important, aesthetics or functionality?

The two are entirely and irrevocably linked. Beauty and Brains … isn’t that the ideal?

Have you ever had to compromise on one?

In design, there is always a compromise here or there to one or the other, but I believe the whole has to be balanced in both functionality and aesthetic.

You have a vast portfolio. What are you most proud of? How does it reflect in you as an interior designer?

We have a strong signature and an unwavering, unapologetic sophistication to our work. Our layering of an environment, from the ceiling designs to bespoke furniture pieces, from unique wall dressings to the sculptures and art we curate and install, all help translate into a signature aesthetic that I’m deeply proud to say is WMI.

A place you visited to unwind in Africa?

The Okavango in Botswana – the peace and beauty, the vastness and intrigue of the delta is awe-inspiring

Your favourite restaurant?

I have several fabulous restaurants that my husband and I frequent and saying any one of these is my favourite would be a push. I do however really favour De Grendel and La Colombe at the moment for their fine cuisine and easy atmosphere.

It’s part of WMI’s overall vision to revivify the way people interact with interiors spaces. By connecting design to the space’s context, whether it be commercial or residential interiors, and playing with the composition of materials and texture, depth and height, tactility and sight, they create a modern design and forward-thinking spatial experiences that far exceed clients’ expectations when it comes to interior design.

Need help on your next project? Contact WMI.

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