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Sunbird Interiors: Inspiration, Biophilia & The Golden Ratio

Some of the best examples of architecture, design, art, and music can be directly tied to the inspiration we find in nature, as they often satisfy the golden ratio… that beautiful mathematical order of the universe.

Nature-inspired environments are part of the wellness-minded interior design trend that is so popular today, by bringing the outdoors inside.

Biophilic design principles connect a space to nature by maximising natural light and ventilation, introducing plants and nature-inspired colours and materials.

The 6 principles of biophilic design are:

  • Environmental features such as air, natural colours, water and plants.
  • Natural shapes and forms like shells and spirals, curves and arches, natural abstracts, fluid forms, botanical motives.
  • Restorative patterns and processes – visual connection with nature, thermal and airflow, presence of water, dynamic and diffused lighting.
  • Light and space – Natural Light. The experience of natural light plays an important role in the health and well-being of humans.
  • Place-based relationships – Emphasizing geographic features such as climates, countries, people and/or natural resources within the interior environment, for example making use of a photograph of a well-known local natural landmark, or artwork locally made.
  • Evolved human-nature relationships – building nurturing environments, reflecting nature in

Linking your indoor and outdoor space is a clever and simple way to make your home feel bigger, whilst inviting the calming energy and natural materials from the outdoors, inside.

How to implement biophilic design:

When it comes to upgrading your inside spaces look to incorporate rustic, organic, and sustainable pieces of furniture that can evoke a sense of tranquillity with their nods to nature.

The easiest way to introduce biophilic design into your home is with indoor plants. Plants increase levels of oxygen and nice smelling flowers can help boost your mood and productivity levels.

Also, consider the material you’re using for flooring and how this ties into nature, bringing the outdoor in.

Embrace the beauty of nature and create a serene indoor space. Contact Sunbird Interiors to help you bring your vision to life.

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