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Sterrekopje Farm: A Call Back to Nature

Cradled in the foothills of the Franschhoek mountains lies Sterrekopje, a biodiverse farm and soulful sanctuary of healing rest, creativity and play. Guided by ancestral wisdom and a conscious way of living, this luxurious farmhouse exists to regenerate earth, body, and soul.

Sterrekopje was born from a dream of an abundant, centred way of life rooted in Nature. The family—from chefs and farmers to practitioners and artists—come together to share, teach, serve, and connect. Furthermore, these are the guardians of this precious land and the messengers of her stories, ready to welcome you to a place of intention and tranquillity.

The Journey

The Sterrekopje journey is all about transformative rest and creative play. It is a journey from the soil to the soul that satiates a primal need to connect to Nature. A family of holistic practitioners thus awaits to take you on a voyage of deep serenity and profound connection.

A private sanctuary awaits

Scattered across Sterrekopje Farm are 11 sanctuaries and suites, each a private retreat, each a unique merging of colours & textures that weave a rich tapestry of cultures & stories. Everything here has been carefully curated to subsequently foster deep restorative and transformative rest and inspire contemplation & creativity.

A Biodiverse farm

The way of farm life is intentional, regenerative and in rhythm with Nature’s cycles, bringing a profound sense of calm, as it connects us back to our primal roots, making way for growth.

Retreat, Reconnect, Regenerate

Each year the farm curates several seasonal retreats where we come together to discover a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other, and the intricately interconnected ecosystems we live in.

In alignment with the four seasons, Sterrekopje hosts 4 Wise Women retreats, a subsequent celebration and reclamation of the Wise Woman within.

Created to build deeper connections with our innate feminine power, this retreat is a gentle & joyful path to self-remembering and reclamation.

Some of the incredible designs featured at Sterrekopje Farm are from non-other than Gregory Mellor Design (gregorymellor.com) with gorgeous selections from Opia Design (opiadesign.co.za), supplier of concrete tiles, Zellige and home-ware based in South Africa. We are in awe of the combination of the Cape Dutch details and the zelliges and love seeing these creations in the most amazing spaces!

Discover more and experience the beauty of Sterrekopje Farm.

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