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Step Inside Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Luxury Kenyan Villa

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is known for her spectacular style and confidence on the runway. She has graced the covers of the world’s most popular fashion magazines and has walked down famous catwalks around the world. At age 50, she is ever in demand and today we take you inside the luxury villa that this supermodel is proud to showcase in Kenya.

A Beauty – Inside and Out

The villa celebrates the beauty of indoor and outdoor living. It has a magical tropical feel to the space, overlooking the Indian Ocean on the African coastline. Located in the seaside town of Malindi, Kenya, it is all about tranquil living and beautiful, dreamy spaces – inside and outside this home.

Bathed in natural light and brimming with warm earth tones, the wide-open expanse is an ode to laid-back opulence. It is therefore the ideal space for relaxation and tranquility.

A Celebration of Kenya

Campbell first visited Malindi in the mid-1990s and returned a few years later with a longtime friend, the owner of this Kenyan luxury resort, which houses a handful of private residences, including Campbell’s getaway. Just over an hour’s flight from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, Malindi has long been a favourite Italian jet set.

It is the perfect entertainer’s home. Twin voile-curtained pergolas serve as the perfect space for family-style dinners. The vaulted cathedral ceilings and makuti thatched roof, made from the sun-dried leaves of the coconut palm, are therefore also an awe-inspiring favourite.

Local woodwork features throughout this villa – a celebration of local craftsmanship. Armando Tanzini, an award-winning artist, designed the hand-carved wooden doors depicting two men dancing in traditional ceremonial dress. He has lived and worked in Malindi for many years. They are decades old and have proved to be reliable conversation starters. Tucked around the house are more works by Tanzini, including several large-scale tableau maps of Africa.

Many of Campbell’s fondest memories link back to Africa and we’re ever excited that she chose this spot to put down roots. This is therefore a beautiful home filled with character and a quintessential African ambience.


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