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Plascon House Tour: Classic Sweden

This large family apartment in Sweden showcases a beautifully eclectic yet classic design that is far from ordinary. In fact, a creative arrangement of furniture and accent pieces makes this a comfortable, lived-in space that would be ideal with all the modern comforts needed by a growing family.

We love the striking chandelier in the centre of the living room. It demands attention with its strong presence and intricately connected wooden beads that add texture and intrigue in this space, although it is in a neutral palette. A large fireplace also adds to the depth of the living room, with a careful arrangement of collector’s items neatly positioned on the mantel. An oversized ottoman with comfy throw helps to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is present in this home.   In the details, you will find a variety of features that evoke a sense of history in this space including the use of classic books and minimalist artwork. This reminiscence of the past seems to gracefully blend in with the contemporary furniture and layout, evoking a classic but furiously modern decoration. The result is a gorgeous Scandinavian chic design that links the past to the present.

In the bedroom, a full-length textured headboard adds a whole new dimension to a very small interior space. Natural light from the bedroom balcony makes the room feel larger than it is. Here the neutral colour scheme of the interior is continued, with a perfect blend of whites, greys, creams and brown tones. From the walls through to the bedding, this minimalist colour palette is a celebration of classic tones in true understated elegance. The kitchen too is a celebration of old and new with a playful mix of finishes, from copper industrial lighting to sleek, streamlined cabinetry and a retro cooker in a contemporary kitchen. The Scandinavian chic style continues right through into the living area where old and new wooden furniture items are playfully used together to complete the look. Contact: Plascon Trends Via

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