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Meet Courtney Dedekind From Authentic By Design

Courtney Dedekind is a self-proclaimed minimalist-modernist-maximalist. With a zest for life, she finds any excuse to express her creative sense of style. As the head of Authentic by Design, Courtney is a fun-loving soul; she is loving and light-hearted and motivated by helping people. Let’s find out more about her growing brand.

What is the focus of Authentic by Design?

The focus of Authentic by design is to bring affordable design into every home. Designs that leave people proud, and content in their space. Authentic by Design helps to bring your vision to life. We help you discover and refine your style, and create an affordable luxury lifestyle.

What sort of training have you completed in order to operate in the design field?

After completing my BA in Psychology and Postgraduate in Education, I studied a Diploma of Interior Design, to pursue my passion for all things creative. While studying interior design, I completed an internship with a well known interior designer in Durban. Thereafter, I had an incredible position at Weylandts as a store Visual Merchandiser. Here my passion for furniture and homeware grew exponentially. I then opened Authentic Interiors, which has since grown into a division of Authentic by Design, which my partner and I opened this year.

What personally inspires you in your working life?

Seeing the reflection of a well-designed space in the aura of a person.

What are some considerations when designing interiors?

Effective interior design strives to leave a lasting impression. We seek to help clients optimise the use of their space and achieve their vision through meaningful design. We’re all about embracing change in order to transform your space into an inspiring, authentic, and trendy environment in which to live, work and experience. Therefore, we aspire to change the way one thinks and feels within their space. Our aim is to challenge the limitations by finding innovative solutions that inspire enthusiasm and desire to experience that space. We, therefore, strive to make your space authentic to you.

What is your favourite must-have product at the moment?

Nothing makes a statement more than a signature dining table for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company and make memories together. It is the heart of any home and is worth investing in.

Any exciting projects or collaborations you are involved in?

We have exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022. One of them is designer lifestyle experience pods, where people will be able to travel to unique places and experience the very best from that destination.

Which designer inspires you?

I absolutely love what Mash. T and TheUrbanitive are doing in celebrating African craft in design.

What’s your personal motto?

True to the name of our brand, I have a small tattoo “Be fearlessly authentic” on my forearm. This is a motto that I have always pursued in my life whether it be in business, with family and friends or how I express myself.

A place you visited to unwind in Africa?

One of my favorite things is to be pleasantly surprised by rural spaces, where human intervention meets nature and doesn’t disturb it or its beauty. Mozambique is a place where you can find hidden gems to relax, unwind and reboot. We recently went up to Bilene to enjoy the serene lagoon with our friends, and it was an incredible time.

We are so excited about the possibilities and growth happening at Authentic by Design. Be sure to keep watch and check out their online presence at www.authentic-bydesign.com.

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